Basic items in the wild mountaineering and precautions needed

More and more people like mountaineering in modern society. The experienced old donkey friends carry dozens of kilograms of reinstalled bags. Generally, people who do not climb often cannot bear it. In the perfect forest park, the original mountaineering activities of the wild must be prepared for the necessary items to prevent accidents. The author summarizes the following basic necessary items and precautions based on his years of experience in mountain climbing.

1. Wear: comfortable clothes and mountaineering shoes, especially if you don’t pay attention to shoes, it is easy to slip and wrestle. Outdoor sportswear, gloves and hats are best professional.

2. Eating and drinking: Water and portable hungry foods are necessary. Even if you return to mountaineering on the same day, you cannot despise that you do n’t eat or drink within a day, because mountaineering is more than ten times more daily than daily water consumption. It is best to bring hot water bottle and spare mineral water.

3. Safety: The necessary medicines, band -aids, mosquito and insect medicines, anti -snake medicine; flashlights or headlights to prevent lighting on the mountain too late;

4. Auxiliary supplies: wiping sweat towels, enough paper towels; crutches and knee pads are very necessary for people with older ages; raincoats and rain cloths are meaningless to go up the mountain; sunscreen supplies are sunny.

5. Communication tools: mobile phones and charging treasures to ensure normal communication. Of course, it is best to have satellite calls.

6, route planning: Climb the original ecological mountainous areas, you must design the route. You cannot be easily lost. It is best to follow the existing route. Some people do not understand that the terrain of the mountain area is easy to go.

7. Walking with each other: At least two people travel, a single person climbing cannot be rescued when encountering danger, such as falling injuries, fractures, etc., which is very dangerous when there is no signal.

8. Protection of the environment: Mountaineering should prepare garbage bags, bring your garbage down the mountain, and protect the environment as a civilized pedestrian.

9, encounter wild animals: It is possible to meet wild animals in the mountains. Common ones include antelope, wild boar, bear, etc. There may also be North China Leopard. Do not yell when you meet animals. There are also locusts in the mountains. Common snakes and wild bees in Asama District. So bring the necessary radiological insect -proof items to prevent it.

10, common accidents: walking lost, getting farther and farther, no way out; accidental injury fractures, etc.; Insufficient preparation of warm preparation encounters temperature loss; lack of water and food, fainting in hypoglycemia; inducing hypertension and other diseases. It is troublesome and dangerous if the above items occur at the same time.

Ordinary climbers can deal with most problems in the above points. For old donkeys crossing or camping, there are tents, pot fuels, ingredients, spare clothing, etc., so they must be reinstalled.

I wish everyone who likes mountaineering can experience the happiness and return safely, and protect the environment!

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