15 kinds of living room and town house flowers, shade and look good, remove odor, protect the house, the more they support the home, the more prosperous

The living room Yangbi Town House Flower, in addition to odor, keeping home houses, the more you support your home!


The temperature has soared in the past two days, and I have to wear short sleeves at noon! In such a hot weather, there should be a few pots of cool flowers, and the large leaves of the living room should be green, shaded and beautiful, tall and mighty, and also specially town houses! Let’s take a look today, what flowers are there!


Qinye Rong -inS Feng Home Furnishing Must -choose!

Qin Ye Rong is definitely a net red flower in the past two years. Its leaves look like the shape of a violin. The green oil is particularly large. It is also paired with a cement flowerpot. The proper is the net red home style, making your home more stylish!


Qinye Rong is durable, placed in a place where the living room is scattered and light, and usually pays attention to ventilation and watering less, otherwise it is easy to drop the leaves. If your piano leaves are chaotic, you can also cut it directly and let it let it go. Restart the new branches.

Turtle Bamboo -Healthy Longevity

Turtle -back bamboo leaves are huge, and there are holes on the leaves, like the back of the turtle, put a pot in the living room, watching the coolness and coolness, and the meaning is particularly good. Live longevity.

There are many varieties of turtles, such as half green and half white white yin -yang tortoise back bamboo, and fairy cave turtle back bamboo that loves climbing walls.

The turtle is tolerate to the yin, and placed in a place where the light is scattered at home. As the weather becomes hot, the amount of watering should be gradually increased. Find a toothpick to poke 2-3cm under the pot soil. It should also be sprayed around the leaves, otherwise the leaves are easy to dry.

San Tail Aoi — Gentle White

The leaves of Sanwei Aoi are elegant. Suddenly, it is very similar to the leaves of the coconut tree. Put a pot in the corner of the living room. The slender leaves sway with the wind, allowing your living room to return to the tropical beauty of Sanya in one second!


Sanota -tail sunflower at home should be watered less everyday. It is found that the surface of the pot soil is pale and then poured, but you must not forget the water spray. Once the humidity cannot keep up, the tip of the leaf will be yellow and dry. As the weather becomes hot, you can remember to spray the leaves sooner or later, so that there is even more Sanya style!


Hewanglan -Industrial Simple Wind

Hewanglan is also called Paradise Bird. When it blooms, the flowers are like a fairy crane that flies with wings. It looks like a fairy, and the leaves of Hewanglan are also bright and large. Simple style of planting industry.

Picture Author | Mix out often

If you want to go to the flower market to buy Hewanglan, especially the potted plants that have already blossomed, you must check it carefully. Was the flowers in the potted plant be inserted. Pin the position of the flower rod with your hand, can it be distinguished if the plastic is inserted?

Banana tree -can still eat leaves

Since last year, the banana tree has also become an indoor net red and green plants. Its leaves are huge and oil -green, which is almost larger than several slaps. It is especially suitable for the corner of the living room or next to the sofa and TV cabinet.


If you want to appreciate the leaves, put the banana tree indoors. If you want to eat sweet mini bananas, it is best to plant it outdoors and get the sun in order to let it bloom, and then make a series of sweet and soft and waxy. Little banana!

Horseshoe Lotus — Leaf slap in big

Although the horseshoe lotus raised at home is also lush, the highest is about 30cm, but it has also raised the horseshoe lotus for more than 7 years, and directly developed a pot of green plants. Suitable for a pot at home!

Figure Author | Na is love 2

There are many colors of horseshoe lotus, such as white, pink, yellow, red, etc. There are various colors, and the leaves are also green and green.


Rubber tree -town house guards home!

The blade of the rubber tree is thick, the color is thick and green, and it is very suitable for placing in the living room, porch, staircase corner and other places. It can remove indoor evil spirits and achieve the role of town houses. powerful!

During the growth process of the rubber tree, the branches may be cluttered. Let’s find the scissors, clicks and cut it, and give it a slight look to make its trunk more prominent and upright. Just trim it directly.


Chunyu -elegant and beautiful show!


Spring feathers are tall and large. Compared with the turtle back bamboo, they are born with feather leaf -shaped pores. The plants can reach more than 1 meter upright, and the leaves are relatively green. They are paired with a cement flower pot or cloth flower pot. They are placed in the corner of the living room. Live in!

Picture Author | Chen Qianyi


In recent years, the spring feathers of hydroponic are particularly hot. They are not worried about watering too much. They are directly placed in hydroponic bottles, exposing the white and tender root system, and the leaves can always be green. Top, the whole shape is elegant and beautiful!


Measure the Geeton -the most beautiful cactus!

If you want the town house to guard the home, the first choice is definitely a scale. The amount of raising in the room is different from the two -story height of the outdoor. It is planted in a industrial -style cement flowerpot. It is particularly tasteful at home!


Picture Author | I am waiting for you in the future


It is best to place the ruler near the window or the door, that is, where the home is in contact with the outside world, so as to play a role of turning the evil and block the negative energy of the outside world into the room.

Picture Author | Zhang Zhangxi’an


In addition to measuring the ruler, the small cactus now has also become an indispensable plant for home decoration. It can also be guarded by the house, but it is noted that the children are injured at home.

Bound taro -green is full


Bound taro is also a relatively hot flower in the past two years. Its varieties are particularly many, such as green apples, peacocks, peacockaco, flower leaves and taro. Different varieties of church taro, different spots on the leaves, look at it. It’s particularly beautiful!

Putting church taro at home, placed in the living room, coffee table, and study room. No matter where you put it, you should pay attention to spraying water around the leaves often. Enough humidity can make the leaves brighter. If the humidity is not enough, the leaves will appear dry.


Happiness Tree -Happy Family Happiness

Many people raise large flowers at home, and the first choice must be a happy tree. The leaves of the happy trees are thick and green, and the plants are relatively tall. They can even poke the roof directly. Domineering and town houses are definitely the first choice at home!

Figure Author | GNKIWI


To raise a happy tree at home, you must work hard! Once the ventilation is not smooth, the happiness trees will be smashed off the leaves. The severe leaves fall out of light, leaving only the bare stems, so ventilation is particularly important for the happy tree!


Duck Palm -absorb exhaust gas!

Duck palm wood is also a kind of flower that must be raised indoor home. Its leaves are green, branches stretch, and it can also absorb nicotine and other harmful substances in second -hand cigarettes and make your home fresher. Therefore, there are smoking flower friends at home You can raise a pot of duck palm at home!

In addition to the daily watering of the duck, in addition to the daily watering to ensure the wet soil, you can also take a watering pot and spray water around the leaves and flower pots. This can make the leaves greener and brighter!


Picture Author | Nini who loves to eat meat


Fortune Tree -Fortune Rolling

Fortune trees are also a kind of flower that many people will raise, especially the flower friends who do business at home, and they must put a few pots of fortune trees on the door of the company, symbolizing the wealth of wealth, and the fortune tree is placed at the gate of the gate. In the 45 -degree financial position, let it make money!

Picture Author | Xiaoba Cai is not a small fresh


When raising a fortune tree at home, you must pay attention to watering. Because the stems of the fortune of the fortune are thick, they are more resistant to drought. They can usually find roots of chopsticks, poke 3-5cm under the pot soil. Watering is easy to rot!

Tiger Pilan — Domineering side leakage


Tiger Pi La Li’s Gao Hu, as long as it gives it a large flower pot and supplement nutrients, it can make it grow to more than 1 meter high, or it can become a town house flower!


In the growing period of Tiger Pilan, you can add more fertilizer, such as homemade rice water, soybean water, etc., which can be poured once every half a month. You can also dig a few holes along the pot. Cooked soybeans can also be buried in, which can also play a role in supplementing nutrients.

There is also a specially suitable for decorating home home, which is the leaf tiger Pilan. Although its shape looks like a rod, there is no excessive leaves, but it is matched with cylindrical pots, cement flowers, cement flowers, and cement flowers. Pot, placed in the small coffee table or the corner of the living room, are particularly beautiful small scenery!


Water Bamboo -Gao Feng Liang Festival

It is said that it is better to eat without meat and have no bamboo. Bamboo has always been a symbol of high wind and bright festivals, so naturally there must be a pot of bamboo in the living room. Although the bamboo planted outside can not be placed, the water bamboo and Xiaomi bamboo are definitely these two these two. The hottest variety of years!


Figure Author | Wei Xiaoyu who loves fish

Raising bamboo in the room can be paired with moss to make a beautiful bonsai. It can also be planted directly in the flower pot. It is placed next to the TV or in any corner. The wind blows and flutter.


These 15 large flowers are now raising a few pots, cool and shading, and can also guard the house.


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