Put a folding dining table to create a perfect guest and kitchen integration.

Guest dining kitchen is an indispensable functional area in the home. For small units with a relatively compact area, it is really troublesome to put on an independent dining table. It not only takes up space, but also looks crowded and messy. To create a perfect LDK design, the folding dining table is undoubtedly savior. Use the folding dining table to undertake the function of the restaurant and carry out a reasonable layout, so as to make the dinner kitchen reasonable and orderly, compact and not chaotic.


The biggest advantage of the folding dining table is to save land, which can save half of the possibility of occupying land or even 0 occupation. This is the main reason why small units adopt this design. Whether it is a kitchen or by the window, you can use a folding dining table to see the dining area.


Different from ordinary restaurants put a set of tables and chairs in the space, using a folded dining table to create a restaurant without dining tables to make daily activities more convenient. When not in use, it is confused, and the dynamic line is smoother, reducing the possibility of obstacles and bumps in the house.


In the LDK, the integrated design of the guest food kitchen is often implemented through the different positions of the restaurant, so that the restaurant becomes a partition between the guest kitchen and makes the whole look more harmonious and natural. There are mainly the following situations:

“” Folding Table+Wall


If there is a protruding wall between the guests, the wall is used to create a folding dining table. When you do n’t need it, you are completely folded and fixed by the wall, do not occupy the precious space at home; it will be put down when you need it as a normal dining table.

Some folding dining tables can also be used as decorative walls, and the value of the small dining table is used to the greatest extent.


“》 Extended dining table+Cabinet Cabinet

There is a meal cabinet at home, which is naturally very convenient. If you use the meal cabinet to extend a folding table, the practicality is naturally doubled. It is used as a cabinet for daily meals, and it is not delayed. When you want to eat, put out the folding dining table and turn on the dining mode.


“” “Independent folding dining table

The flexibility of the independent folding table is even stronger, and it can be moved according to demand. Not only can you be used as a table, you can switch your functions by folding different degrees.

Full folding is a meal cabinet, which only accounts for only one -third of the original, and can easily place daily small objects; half -folding is a small table, which is usually suitable as a working table; The dining table is sufficient and very practical.


However, there are still troubles. You have to put away the placed things before, and you have to put things back after use. Compared to 1 table N, it is better to let it “dedicated” to exercise the dining table.

If you are large -scale, it is more troubled to set up a restaurant separately, but for the small apartment types that are searching for the searches, the folding dining table can play a good role. While achieving the function of the restaurant, the family can be neatly neat. (Pictures from the Internet)

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