Baby cotton clothing is super beautiful and cost -effective and will not be disappointed

The new autumn and winter down cotton coat men and women cotton jacket jackets keep warm.

The bear ears are suitable for spring and autumn, winter, spring, and autumn.There are hats that are non -demolished, real -like models can be worn, and male and female babies can be worn universal.

Color: white, silver gray, black, pink, light green, dark gold.The code is 90, 100, 110, 110, and 130.


[Rose] [Rose] [Rose] Favorite friends to scan the QR code in the picture in the picture or the shop of Pinduoduo search “Little My Baby”


A cotton suit for men and women

My child is black.Photo mobile phone photo


The opposite side is very thick.


The little sister’s house next door bought one, and the mobile phone took a photo.


Haha, come back with a back, is it very pink?

Pinduoduo scan the code to enter the store and pay attention to the collection and coupons


Haha, I love this cotton super, like it, follow the collection.

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