Yi Xi Qianxi is terrible, and the heavy down jacket is not bloated when wearing it. It is indeed a male god.

Compared with other seasons, every winter, everyone’s choice of diversity will be reduced, and they can only wear heavy down jackets for warmth. However, even if we wear down jackets, we can show our sense of fashion through reasonable combination. This Yi Xi Qianxi is very good.


A few days ago, Yi Xi Qianxi appeared at Beijing Airport and was ready to go to the New Year’s Eve Party of Hunan Satellite TV. He was wearing a black down jacket with a black sweater, but he was difficult to cover his face. Although the parcel is very strict, the whole person is not bloated at all, but is more handsome and fashionable.


This down jacket selected by Yi Xi Qianxi is a very simple style. He even worn it without torn off the label. It seems that the four -character brother is also quite anxious. Black down jackets are the medium version. After wearing it, it can cover the waist and hips well. The effect of keeping warm is undoubtedly very good, and it will also look more capable and simple than the long down jacket.

In fact, when we choose down jackets, we must also pay attention to selecting down jackets suitable for our figure according to our actual figure. Generally speaking, small boys are best to choose shorter down jackets, so that they can better lengthen the proportion of figure and have a higher visual effect. For tall boys, they can choose medium -length down jackets. It looks more temperament.


Yi Xi Qianxi’s down jacket is a hooded model. It will look quite young and in line with Yi Xi Qianxi’s youthful temperament. The neckline of the clothes adopts the design of the lapel, revealing the gray lining of down jackets, making the overall shape more layered, and the effect of the lapel left enough space for the inner coat. The cuffs and hems of the down jacket also have rice white border. The contrasting color of the black and white color also makes the down jacket look more fashionable. When we choose down jackets, we can also refer to this one.

In addition to choosing a down jacket that suits us, the matching of other items is also very important. Yi Xi Qianxi chose a black sweater. The sweater is also a hooded model. The gray hat and the lapel of the down jacket echo well, making the overall visual effect more coordinated. There are two long hat bands on the hat. Yi Xi Qianxi let the hat hang down naturally, looking more casual and casual, and more young.


The black sweater and black down jacket are matched with the same color, but because the texture of the clothes is different, it still forms a very good sense of layering. When we are wearing, we must also pay attention to this. The layered combination can well reduce the feeling of down jacket too bloated, and we can set off the body to be thinner.


The matching of the lower body Yi Xi Qianxi chose a pair of gray trousers. The pants also looked quite loose, and it would undoubtedly feel more comfortable to put on it. The gray color and black top form a good gradient match, making the overall shape look more coordinated, and the visual effects will be very comfortable.

Put your pockets with both hands and walk on the airport with a mask. Yi Xi Qianxi’s shape is undoubtedly very handsome. Although he wears very heavy, he is unknowingly bloated as a whole. And keep warm, don’t you get up quickly?

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