Middle -length leather down jacket is temperament enough

Xiaobian is a relatively real person for dressing. Dressing and matching shows not only one person’s appearance, but also a certain manifestation of a person’s connotation and internal cultivation, so wearing clothes should not be too casual. It’s normal to wear down jackets in winter, but how does we only wear a public down jacket to show personal temperament and personal connotation. Choose leather down jackets at this time.

Xiao Bian also sorted out several leather down jackets today, let’s take a look.

1. Leather down jacket

This down jacket fabric is selected for high -quality sheepskin, with soft touch and natural gloss. At the same time, it has the characteristics of windproof and warmth. It can also give the sun like the sun in winter. Its detachable hair collar is full and rich, which can not only warm the neck, but also improve the overall quality of the clothes. The symmetrical pocket design enriches the sense of shape of the clothes and shows the simple fashion. In addition, the zipper design also makes the pocket more safer to carry small items.


2. Sheep fur coat


This down jacket is a slim -fitting down jacket. The waist design can show women’s small waist. The overall outline is stiff, and the female good body curve is displayed. The classic atmospheric hair collar is fashionable and handsome, and gives women really self. Hardware placket materials are sequentable, adding points to the whole. The simple cuff design has further improved the texture of the clothes. In addition, the pocket design is noble, beautiful and fashionable. From the details of the clothes to the whole, it shows the noble temperament of women.


3. Slim leather down jacket

This down jacket version design is simple and stiff, but the visual effect is very good. It is not only suitable for all kinds of figures, but also a thin body slimming, making women more confident and more beautiful. At the same time, the clothes folds are dense and flat, uniform, and each needle and every line reflect the delicate dressing taste of women. The hair collar designing the hat is touched by the placket, which is full of dosage, not only showing the atmosphere, but also super good warmth. In addition, the color of the clothes is diverse, and each color can wear a different temperament and style.

4. Slim hair collar down jacket


The design of the trendy mink collar design is noble and elegant, classic and exquisite. It not only has a real appearance, but also can modify the neck lines and make women’s necks more beautiful. The cuffs decorated with mink hair are simple and atmospheric, echoing the collar hair collar, which not only enriches the layered sense of the clothes, but also modifies the arm shape and highlights the quality. The large pockets on both sides are convenient and practical, and the positions are leaning down to make women insert pockets more aura. The body is sewn with high -quality sheepskin facial fabrics, smooth and comfortable, clear and beautiful leather patterns, and three -dimensional tailoring. The overall slimming is thin. It is a good weapon for girls to show their figure and connotation.

5. Middle -length leather down jacket


The upper body of this down jacket is very effective, and the tolerance is also very good. The upper body of the clothes is thin and beautiful. The big hair collar of the clothes is tightly surrounded by the neck, not only to prevent wind and warmth, but also noble atmosphere, which enhances the overall taste and temperament of the clothes. The overall version of the clothes is full of cocoon design, a fashionable Korean version, and the pursuit of the trend of this winter. The color matching of the clothes is fashionable and diverse. Each color gives you a beautiful visual impact.


6. Leather down jacket

This down jacket is high -quality material, fashionable and high -end atmosphere, which can highlight the quality of life of women. The materials of the clothes are very powerful, the hair is long and dense, not only the atmosphere, but also very fashionable. Walking on the street has a return rate. The two -row button design is even more atmospheric, so that women’s aura is also very in place. Coupled with the waist belt, how to wear it is both good -looking and aura, wearing it can attend various occasions.


7, down jacket jacket

This leather down jacket is a relatively loose version that can meet the figure of most women. At the same time, looseness does not mean bloated. The belt waist design can solve this problem. The two large pocket design adds the sense of design of the clothes, and also increases the practicality of the clothes. The fold design of the flat wiring of the clothes breaks the monotonous of the clothes version, which is more layered. The big hair collar is never out of date. Not only is it classic, fashionable, comfortable and warm, but also to face the face shape to make you beautiful.


Alright, Xiaobian introduced here today, do you like it? Pay more attention to us.

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