How to clean your leather bag maintenance method when you are dirty

The bag of cowhide is the material that many big names are now selected, very durable, and the type of bag will be better. Let me talk about it below

How to clean the cowhide bag?

How to maintain cowhide bags?

Leather bags are very easy to dirty, especially light colors. Let’s learn how to clean it together!

1. For general stains, use slightly wet rags or towels to dip a little cleaning solution gently. After removing the stains, wipe it with a dry rag two or three times, and then place it in a ventilated place to wait for natural shade. Use a clean sponge to dip the mild soap or liquor, apply dirt after alcohol, then wipe it with water, and then let the leather dry naturally. If the stain is very stubborn, it may be used to deal with a cleaner solution, but you must wipe it carefully to avoid damaging the surface of the leather.

2. For cowhide bags, stubborn stains, such as oil spots, pen stains, etc., you can wipe with soft cloth dipped in eggs, or you can apply a little toothpaste to apply it in the oil stain.

3. If the oil stains have been on the leather bag for a long time, it is best to use a special special effect leather cleaner or cleaning cream. If the area of ​​the oil spots is small, then spray it directly at the oil spots; if the oil spots are large, pour out the dosage or ointment oil, and dip it in a rag or brush.

1. Do not illuminate under strong light, to prevent the oil from being grilled, causing fibrous tissue to shrink, and the leather is crispy.

2. Do not expose exposure, fire roasting, washing, sharp -striking and contacting chemical solvents.

3. When the leather bag is not used, it is best to be stored in the cotton agent. Do not put it in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag is not circulating, which will cause the leather to be dry and damaged. It is best to put some soft toilet paper in the bag to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable cloth bag, the old pillowcase is also very suitable.

4. If it is not used for a long time, put some paper inside to prevent deformation. When it is drizzled on the rainy days, dry it and put it in the ventilation to prevent mold from mold. #p#subtitle#E#

How to choose cowhide bags

1. Look at the leather surface

The leather surface has clearer pores and patterns. The pores of cowhide are fine and dense, arranged irregularly, and the leather is smooth. There are relatively well -proportioned fine pores;

2. Look at the cross -section of the leather

Looking out the leather, wallet, etc., the leather leather is loose, animal fiber, and the artificial leather is relatively close without fiber. No matter how good the imitation skin is, it is not the same as the leather on the side;

3. Press the leather surface with your fingers

Press the skin with your fingers, and there will be small wrinkles on the surface. When your fingers are lifted, the wrinkles disappear immediately. There are no wrinkles in the artificial leather and synthetic leather. After individual pressing, there are wrinkles, and it will not disappear obviously.

4. Use nails to 表 cortex surface

The traces of the nails that disappear and restore the original shape soon disappear and restore the original. The fake skin that cannot be recovered or recovered for a long time is the fake skin.

牛皮包包脏了怎么清洗 教你牛皮包包保养方法

Cowhbin bag brand recommendation


Millyn is a leather brand born in Florence, Italy. This brand born in Italian fashion capital. In the process of development, various exquisite and stylish factors are constantly incorporated to create suitable leather goods for business people.

Louis Dengwei

Louis Dengwei is one of the most well -known luxury brands in the world. Its products involve all aspects of life. Louis Dengwei’s leather goods products are exquisite. His cowhide bags are very finely workmanship and design are very fashionable. It is also the goal pursued by many people.

Jinli Lai

Jin Lilai is a leather goods brand founded in Hong Kong. In the process of development, Jin Lilai has both inheritance and continuous innovation. His leather goods are also well received. Kim Lai’s cowhide bag is also good for word of mouth.

How to clean the cowhide bag?

How to maintain cowhide bags?

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