James Haili Grapefruit Grapefruit ceilings niche perfume

James Haili Grapefruit

詹姆斯·海利 柚子 柚子天花板小众香水

James heeley Note de Yuzu

Turning out: Japanese grapefruit orange grapefruit

Middle: salt seaweed

Tune: Crystal grass musk

詹姆斯·海利 柚子 柚子天花板小众香水詹姆斯·海利 柚子

① The reducing degree of the front -tone grapefruit is very high. The first impression that Uncle Mo smelled was this. The sweetness of grapefruit meat and the sourness of the grapefruit skin, and even the sweetness and sweetness of grapefruit, were restored to the fullest, not lost to Ou Long However, some water feelings, fresh fragrance, sweet and sour and delicious, full -bonus front tone.

② The medium -tone seaweed and sea salt are mixed with sweet and sour grapefruit and water, and the slightly bitter grapefruit skin and sea salt are combined with sea salt. It is not obtrusive here, and it is unexpectedly sweet.

③ The back tone musk also becomes much natural under the influence of this sea salt grapefruit and seaweed. The sense of water is still relatively strong. The nature of the marine tone is very strong. The fresh soap can basically be ignored under the coverage of this seaweed, but you You can also clearly feel this sense of cleanliness, and the seaweeds will be stronger afterwards, and they will basically apply more skin in the future.

Face value: 8.5 points

Expansion: 8.0 points

Stay incense time: 2-4 hours

Suitable for the crowd: neutral

Perfume score: 8.8 points

詹姆斯·海利 柚子 柚子天花板小众香水

Summary: [James Haili Grapefruit] This grapefruit perfume is very in line with Uncle Mo’s expectations. Uncle Mo thinks that this perfume is a ceiling of grapefruit reduction, and the overall fragrance is very sweet. Grapefruit has become clear under the influence of sea salt under the influence of sea salt.甜微咸,很可口的一个香味,中调海盐与海藻的加入让层次感变得丰富,整体还是很不错的一款香水,但这款香水可能对晕海洋调的朋友不友好,因为海藻与The water feel is very strong.

The fragrant review is only a personal point of view. It only makes reference. Thousands of people and thousands of fragrances. The specific taste is recommended to try the incense before making judgments.

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