Zhou Ye’s high -cold temperament cannot be wiped off. Wearing sleeveless skirts look beautiful and generous, like “oil painting beauty”

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No matter what kind of matching

Fashion style

Many people will put the focus of matching in the choice of fashion and the matching of fashion, but few people will focus on

Other match


In fact, the simplest example is that many girls choose a skirt they like to observe the style of the skirt and skirt

Overall match

In the end, it will be ignored

Other details.

Many girls wear different skirts to pass the skirt

Come with your own temperament,

Create what you want most

A style

It can be shown between women and feet.

Charm and temperament

, I always feel that these women can show a very good

Natural state.

This is because when others are matching ordinary skirts, they will pay attention to

every aspect

The match, and your match has always been just

Small part

With the combination, many people feel that they have taken into account all aspects

Mixing effect

, But the effect of the end is the unsatisfactory effect.

How to match a skirt to become more fashionable, first of all, we have to try

Different designs

For example

Sleeveless style

Skirts, this kind of skirt looks

Clean and neat,

Can be stronger


For example, Zhou Ye’s sleeveless wear is worth our learning. Let’s take a look below.

What problems do you need to pay attention to when matching sleeveless dress?

Pay attention to the matching of shoes

Shoes are very important for a woman


Many people don’t know what the real effect of the shoes is, not just for shoes


It can also help us improve


, Improve the overall matching


If the skirt is matched, the selected style is relatively ordinary, or

Choice length

If there is a problem, then the shoes can solve these problems, choose a delicate shoes with one

Ordinary skirt

, This skirt can start to live back, to achieve what we are unexpected

Stunning effect.

If you choose the skirt style


, But chose one


The shoes can be added to the whole


This combination effect is obvious, you can try more to show it to present


Different self

, Dig more fashion styles for yourself.

I have to say Zhou Ye

Can’t wipe off the high cold temperament

Wearing sleeveless skirts look beautiful and generous, like “oil painting beauty”, and Zhou is also young but high -level, sleeveless white skirts are elegant and elegant.

The figure is so petite.

Don’t try to choose a loose medium long model

The sleeveless design skirt style, for most, may just compare

Sloping skirt

For small parts, especially

Thick’s arm

Women will look like the whole person

Standard body

And skirts for sleeveless design are generally based on

Mainly loose version

Especially the loose version of the medium and long models, which will not only play a role of modification for women, but will widen the entire entire entire

Body proportions

Visually, the figure is like a bloated bun, nothing

Sense of line

The style looks too

Soil Rustic

The state, so it is recommended that you do not try to match the comparison

Loose style.

If you can’t accept too much

Tight -fitting style,

Even if you choose a little bit

Waist style

, Can also easily create


And make your image become

More attractive.

The big skirt version is even more thicker

Sleeveless skirts can make women have more space for reverie. Such skirts often feel more

Romantic style,

Or a more elegant style, so you will use a large skirt

plan the details

If a large skirt


Zhang, the style created by Zhang is also quite grand.

But if you choose a short skirt skirt, not only will you not reach

Lamous effect


, It will also make your legs thicker, and the style that is finally presented will appear


And also let the original

Full of women

The style becomes a style

Be full of men

The effect of matching, it is not recommended to try this kind of combination.

Sleeveless skirt style recommendation

Denim style

The style of girlishness is one of the most popular styles in recent years. Many women want their image


You can try the sleeveless dress with denim fabric.


, Make the image look more

young and energetic.

The skirt of the denim fabric will look more tough as a whole, and the style presented will also

More three -dimensional,

Whole person


The curve will become


These are a state presented by the attributes of the fabric.


So you don’t need to worry about dressing style

Very sloppy

, The fabric is easy to wrinkle. If you are still struggling with what daily matching, you can try denim fabrics

dress without sleeve.

Black V -neck style

Among the many skirts, sleeveless skirts, choose

More classic

Try a style, V -neck style skirt will give people a more

Classic modern

The effect can even create exquisite

Urban beauty

The image, black is like a blooming poisonous rose, the vision will appear


Through the contraction properties it takes, it can help wearing a better one

Lean effect

For many people, the design of the V -neck will be a little bit



Feeling, but you don’t need to worry about excessive style

Exposed sexy

Because black is


, Can make your style more



Waist dress

No matter what kind of figure, you have an advantage in wanting your own wear, and want

You can feel it from the first glance. I suggest you choose to try


Sleeveless dress.

If the design of the skirt does not have the details of the waist, you can go

With a belt

To replace the waist design, the skirt needs to be stronger

Feminine display


Instead of making your style become

Neutral wind

There should be a correct one

Style cognition

, Can we explain what I want most

Classic style.

How do you think


Sleeveless skirt

In order to better interpret








Lean effect

Classic style.

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