Stop painting in the living room background wall! Use hard bags, wooden ornaments and partitions to make the family beautiful and amazing

Many people now in order to make up for the monotonous of the white wall when decorating,

Will choose hanging painting as a decoration, especially the background wall of the living room,


But many times, after the background wall hanging paintings, it is difficult to unify with the TV wall on the opposite side.

In this way, the entire living room space does not seem to be beautiful, and it cannot achieve a unified style.

In fact, we change the angle. When designing the wall, don’t hang up,

The beautiful spots that do the wall directly can still look good, and the effect is not worse than hanging painting.

Hard -packed wall

The wall surface is not only able to hang painting, but also can be designed directly with a hard bag.

Use the materials of wooden boards to create a wall, so that the entire wall is no longer monotonous;

The texture of the sofa wall of the living room is made, even if the sofa is placed in front, it does not delay the texture of the overall space;

During the decoration, the hard pack material can be selected better to take care of it.

Daily cleaning only needs to be cleaned with a towel, and the price is cheap, the price is also cheap,


But more than finding a valuable painting around everywhere;


Wooden wall

Wood jewelry is also a common element for us,


The walls of the living room can also be directly incorporated into the wooden accessories,


Make the entire space more natural and fresh;

And compared to directly painting or wallpaper and other materials, the wooden wall is more durable.


It is not easy to appear dirty, and long -term residence will not make the living room look cheap;

You can make wooden accessories throughout the side,

With the sofa and furniture with the same color, the space of the living room will be more warm and comfortable.


Even if the wall is not too decorated, you don’t feel deserted and single;


If the apartment is small, the living room can still settle the invisible door and integrate it with the living room.

In this way, the bedroom room opposite will not be easily discovered,

It can also work out the effect of expanding the indoor area, and small units may wish to try.

Border shape wall

Of course there are many people

I feel that the wall is too monotonous, but I don’t want to work hard to decorate the painting. What should I do at this time?

if so,

It’s better to add a few more borders directly on the wall,

For example, the border of the gypsum line

In this way, it is not as eye -catching as hanging, and it can also look simple and generous.


If possible, you can also make these borders more styling patterns, such as interrelated styles,


Or brush a latex paint in the middle of the border, the face value of the entire living room can definitely increase a degree.

Partition or low wall

The wall surface can not only be plane, but also can be used as a partition to create a three -dimensional wall.

In this way, the boring wall is also more angry, and it can also increase the storage invisibly;

Putting small objects such as books, clocks, etc., the living room immediately appeared a petty fundamental mood.


The living room area is large enough, and the wall of the living room can be designed into a dwarf wall.


You can make a bar on the top of the dwarf wall, and you can place items behind. Put the sofa in front.

It can also appear spacious, beautiful and practical in the living room without occupying space.

So next time you design the living room background wall in the home, don’t just know hanging painting,

Hurry up and learn these tips, so that your home will be amazing!

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