Who is better to buy “down jacket” and “cotton clothing”? From these three aspects, it won

Near the New Year, the more unsatisfactory the temperature is. Sitting at home will also be frozen into ice cubes. Wearing it is urgent to warm up. As a fashion blogger, we know that “cotton clothes” and “down jackets” are “temperature factions”. The main force of wearing.


But Xiaobian also believes that many people will also be entangled in which one should be selected in “down jackets” and “cotton clothing”. Today, from 3 analysis, rational discussions on whether to choose down jackets or cotton clothes are more cost -effective!

Analyze these three aspects to help you choose the winter jacket correctly!


The first aspect -from the perspective of warmth

The inner charging of the down jacket is animal feathers, and the inner filling of the cotton jacket is plant cotton. From the perspective of warmth, the down jacket is definitely better.

The down jackets and cotton clothes are used to absorb a part of the air to prevent the cold flow and prevent the loss of warmth. But because the down jacket is animal feathers, it is lighter and more fluffy, so it is more warm.

The second aspect -from the perspective of the complexity of cleaning


Winter clothes are involved in cleaning, because the fabrics in winter are relatively “pretty”, especially for this kind of single product with filling. The cleaning is not appropriate, and the inner charges will move.

Because the down fabric is light and thin, and the inner charging of the cotton jacket is group -like, the cotton jacket is not so difficult to clean than the down jacket.

Third aspect -from the perspective of wearing life

The price of down jackets is higher and higher, and tens of thousands are no longer delusional of ordinary people, and down jackets will also be “warm performance” with the loss of wearing years.

However, cotton clothes are different. On the basis of clear prices, there is also a longer warmth effect, so the life of wearing a pendant is better than the cost -effective life.

Summary: The warm down jacket is added with one point, the cotton jacket is simply cleaned, and the cotton clothing is added.

“Selection of cotton clothing”


Any single item is not talking about fashion skills. Everyone is an adult, and it should be “greedy”.


1. Choose according to style requirements

Select dimension 1. Slim design selection

*Retro style: diamond -shaped gap, wave -shaped seam

The sewing design is a design that uses the sewing process to fix the inner charging object on the basis of the cotton version. This winter, the “grandma cotton clothing” is very popular.

The dense sewing design will make the cotton clothing look more retro, but it is recommended that friends who want to buy this design cotton jacket will try it, because the cotton clothing with the sewing design is not good, it will show the old soil.

*Copy daily: no gap, parallel sewing

The seamless design cotton clothing is the “bread suit” we often call. This version of the design will not make an error. The overall is younger, younger, and cute.

The selection of parallel seams is to make the distance between the two seams farther a little bit, too dense to be very old.


Select dimension 2, cotton clothing outer material

*Renewal fabric brings different styles: suede/leather fabric


In addition to the basic canvas fabrics, cotton clothing can also choose suede and leather fabric. The advantage of suede is that it has a frosted and retro texture, while the leather fabric will bring the cotton jacket to the style. Bao can try it.


2. Select according to the needs of matching


Requirements 1. Cotton clothes are all wrong

*Don’t choose bright colors


Except for colorless colors and brown systems, the color of other colors is very heavy. Pay special attention to not to choose high -brightness color when choosing cotton clothes. The possibility of turning the car is 80%.

*You can choose the earth color, Modorn color, colorless color system

If you want the down jacket to be versatile, the color choice should pay attention to the “low -key”. Black and white gray and brown are all good low -key colors in autumn and winter. Friends who like colored colors can choose Modran color cotton clothes. Tune, make the color more low -key.

Requirements 2. Significant and not picking people

*Short models are more suitable for most people

Because cotton clothing is a “fluffy” single product. The longer the style, the larger the size. It is not so friendly for the small and the fat people. If you want to show tall, choose a short.

Demand 3. Dressing is not bloated

*Don’t choose the style of “too full” in the charging material


The bloated feeling of cotton clothing comes from the plumpness of the inner charging object. The more inner fillings, the fuller the cotton jacket. Such cotton clothing will make the wearer look as bloated as a sumo player. Sigh.

“The matching skills of cotton clothing”


1. “Width and narrow contrast” is important

The comparison of width and narrowness is to create a curve feeling for the figure. The cotton clothing is a relatively “big” item. If the lower body is still “wide”, the whole person will look like a pillar. The upper body is a little width. It’s tight, and it is also thin.

2. Balance the “sense of weight” of the fabric

Winter items like cotton clothing are very heavy. If the single items in the lower body still choose very heavy items, it will make the dress look stupid and stiff.

Therefore, the sense of weight of the balance of fabric is also the key to thin. It is best to choose a suit fabric or knitted fabric such as a down jacket. It will be better to wear.

“Matching templates of cotton clothing”

The first set -cotton clothing+umbilical turtleneck knitted+horseshoe pants+thick Martin boots

Horseshoe pants are popular items this winter. The flared pants, the middle waist design plus splitting is a bit American -style hot girl. The horseshoe pants want to wear long legs, and the shoes must choose thick bottom style.


Inner matching also chooses the high -collar umbilical model to increase the slender sense of the inside, which also makes the cotton clothes more thin and tall.

Second set -cotton clothing+skirt

*The skirt does not choose bright colors, no wide models


Not only do you have to choose a low -key color, but also the low -key color of the dresses. The bright knitted knitted skirt is also risky and the soil is risky.

The skirt that does not choose a wide version is because the skirt is a piece of design. If it is too wide, it will cause the upper and lower width we just say, like a pillar.

The main points of dressing of skirts+cotton clothing are to choose a low -key color to coordinate the overall color matching, and then choose some slim -fitting models to emphasize the body curve, so as to make the “loose comparison” of wear, so as to be thin.

The article is over here. If it is you, do you prefer cotton or down jackets? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area ~

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