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There are many clothes worn in autumn and winter, and there are many tricks. For a beautiful woman, it is important to wear it heavy and look good every day. You must know that there is a combination of a combination, that is, a combination of long coat and hooded sweater. Recently, there are many female stars and fashion masters who wear such street shooting.

The hooded sweater is a relatively casual item. It has a lot of space and has been very popular in recent years. Most of the time everyone wear a hooded sweater. The weather has been getting cold recently, and it is very good to use hooded sweaters as inside. But even hooded sweaters are generally loose. If you don’t wear it well, you will look bloated. Let’s take a look at how to wear long coats and hooded sweaters today.

Long jacket with hat sweater+loose pants, which is highly fashionable and graceful

The hat -ar sweater with loose pants is the autumn match that the girl likes it. The weather is cold, and it is enough to add a long trench coat outside. For ordinary friends, short hooded sweaters are more practical than the middle and long sweaters. The first is as an inner

Not bloated

The second is comparison


Essence You can match a pair of loose pants. Fashionable and beautiful. It is good to wear the girl like the picture above. A colored stitching checkered coat with a short orange hooded sweater inside and a loose denim straight pants. Bright and fashionable.


The grid long coat is a versatile and high -level item. It is very good to match a hooded sweater. Like the picture above, wearing a camel’s checkered long coat and a short -gray hooded sweater inside, the atmosphere is comfortable. The bottom can be equipped with a gray beam sports pants like the sweater, and it can also be equipped with a light blue cone jeans like supermodel Liu Wen. It is good to wear black boots or small white shoes on your feet.

Beauty Song Yanxuan likes to wear hooded sweaters and long coats. She has worn this combination several times recently. This time, she wore a black long silhouette and long coat, which was relatively rich in leisure style of this coat. She has a pale pink purple hooded sweater. The sweater is relatively long and has a colorful cartoon pattern on her chest. Very sweet feeling. She was equipped with a pair of black loose pants. Wear canvas shoes on your feet. Simple and fashionable and lazy. Although she is tide, but compares


It is only suitable for people with tall and thin. Ordinary people look short and strong.


Black long down jackets and fluorescent green hooded sweaters are good -looking. The fluorescent green is more eye -catching, and it is a bit exaggerated. But as a black down jacket, it is very suitable. The fluorescent green has black blessings, which becomes low -key and temperamental. The bottom is equipped with a black straight pants and a pair of black boots on your feet, which is warm and fashionable. The hooded sweater with loose pants is best



If the sweater is not short, it is best to put the hem of the sweater


Roll up

Some, so high and neat.

Long jacket with hat sweater to step up pants, neat and stylish

Many friends in autumn and winter like to wear tight pants, showing thin legs and keeping warm. Then wear tight pants and long coats and hooded sweaters. It is very beautiful and practical. Like Zhang Tianai above, wearing a black long coat and a black hooded sweater inside. This sweater can be longer. It is equipped with a pair of black leggings and a pair of black short boots. Fashion and warmth.


If you don’t like over -tight pants, this slightly loose narrow leg pants are very good. Wearing a khaki solid color and checkered long trench coat or coat, a black hooded sweater inside, a black narrow -leg jeans, and a pair of black thick -soled sports shoes on your feet. Fashion is very trendy.

Many friends like to wear red in autumn and winter. It can wear a red H -shaped woolen coat like Qiao Xin, a white short hooded sweater inside, a white narrow -legged cigarette pipe, wearing it on your feet Double white shoes. Bright atmosphere is casual and comfortable.


Compared to the long coat, the medium and long models will be more neat. The combination of this long coat and hooded sweater is also very beautiful. Like the picture above, wearing a black mid -length loose jacket, a fluorescent green hooded sweater, a pair of black tight leather pants, and a pair of gray and black -colored sneakers on your feet. Handle a camel of old flowers. Fashionable and stylish. When you connect to the hooded sweater and tights, the hooded sweater is best long, so that it is harmonious.

The long -existence jacket with a hat sweater and a skirt, elegant and stylish is very stylish

For girls who love to wear skirts, no matter how cold they are, they must wear skirts. The combination of a long -outer sleeve with hat sweaters and skirts is also very beautiful. It is good to wear Zhang Meng like the picture above. Her pink long trench coat is relatively formal. In addition, the color of the skirt and the trench coat is supporting and some intellectual feeling. She put a black hooded sweater inside, adding a little sense of weight to this pink color, and at the same time, it also added a calm and casual feeling, beautiful and refreshing and fashionable. Wearing a pair of black leggings in the skirt and black boots on your feet. Keep warm and beautiful.


If the weather there is not very cold, you can wear long trench coats with hat sweaters, plus short skirts, exposing beautiful long legs, elegant and stylish. The two sets of the figures above are good.

Long coats and hooded sweaters can be paired with countless combinations, but if you want to wear good -looking, remember to these points.

First, the inner sweater should be thinner. The second is the short with loose pants or skirts, and the third is the long sweater with tight pants.


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