Men’s belts have another type of product, I’ll teach you how to pick

Choose a suitable belt for men, too important, not only to the comfort of your waist, but also affect the first impression others of you: want to know how you taste, there are not big enough to glance at the belt can not be ignored the logo; you want to know how aesthetic, a look at the waist belt if the ride was on the whole dress ……

These details about the belt, you really have carefully studied before?

▎ Liszt list

Prada / Prada men’s belts

Carmina / Kamiya leather belt

Gaziano & Girling black belt

Col.Littleton cavalry belt

ARMANI / Armani men’s belt


J.CREW men’s belts

About belts, three aspects you must know


▎ discount

❶ Buckle

There are many processes Buckle said, such as stone wash, mirror and so on. Buy a top hit single hand buckle usually around $ 250, the 50 ordinary and down. Material brass, copper, nickel, copper-nickel alloy or stainless steel, the prices are similar.

Word on the deduction


Octagon Buckle

Samurai buckle

Twisted Buckle

Needle buckle

❷ pull buckle

Some specialize in collecting this old belt buckle.

❸ cavalry buckle

In the movie cowboy involved in, there will be more or less similar to the discount appears. When you sigh with joy and freedom for the film, in fact, you can have a belt as casual wear extra points.

▎ cortex

❶ leather

strong and sturdy


The feature makes the production of leather belts to become the most commonly used material, its natural texture and embossing belt also allow more texture.

Formal occasions with a belt, at least have made the first layer of leather

; Leather floor is generally used to make casual belt, the price close to the people, but easy to fade.


How does it distinguish between the two cortex? First yet

Serious look

, The first layer of leather more natural texture, is not regular, such as point-like thin small pores, leather floor of regular lines, no pores; Second

Carefully touch

, After the first layer of leather is pressed with a finger produces wrinkles, leather floor is not.

Common cowhide roughly divided into the following categories:

Full vegetable tanned leather

Natural Leather has not been obtained by dyeing, leather surface to retain a certain amount of gloss, plasticity and environmentally friendly non-toxic, fastness and durability are high.

Chrome Tanning

Will use the initial taste, but vegetable tanned leather and compared, softer texture, rich color.

Saddle leather

Leather shiny shiny, hard, thick, used for high-grade leather belt, which is a better Japan Tochigi saddle leather.

❷ other animal skins



Rare luxury

Known, the US grid lines on the natural gradient.

Lack of flexibility, but firm texture.

Alligator belts are generally many pieces of splicing, the process and materials only on the expensive.

Expensive and not environmentally friendly, does not recommend the purchase.



After stripping may become stratified

Soft, lightweight


Even belts texture and beautiful, but


Poor toughness greatly reduces the durability of the belt



Round surface pores and coarse


, Into a group of three parallel, triangular arrangement, each farther apart,


Leather surface is uneven, rough feel

❸ PU leather (leather)

Low prices, rich colors, styles, but poor toughness

, Life cycle is only 2 months.

▎ suture

Paolo Scafora belt suture technique called the industry’s first-class feel of imitation leather shoes Norway seam meaning, with Norway sewing shoes is certainly a perfect match.

Ancestral secret double count Hermes riding pedal stitch of “a sewing needle hit a button” to ensure that the belt wear off even a whole will never open line, but absolutely straight stitch.


Other suture technique is common hand-stitched or machine stitched. About machine and hand-stitched seam which is better, it is no conclusive,

As long as you can neatly stitch


Strongest suture is down there, the more formal requirements of the belt hidden stitches.

You really will pick belt it?

▎ price

It emphasized in the purchase of the belt


“You get what you pay for”

Sometimes, some of the less well-known than the international big-name brand does not necessarily inferior, but you do not know them.


Less than 200 yuan less you can buy the first skin layer, or may try PU canvas material.

200-700 yuan in the domestic brands can woodpeckers, such Scarecrow in the production of leather splitting casual leather belt, Levi’s, Lee and other denim brands are also within this range. In general, discount plating process more than $ 500 belts are handled very place, 2-3 years there will not be rusty trouble.

700-1300 yuan price, business series choose domestic Goldlion, Montagut, seven wolves and other brands; dress belt is recommended Carmina and Crockett & Jones shoes brand two belts, the high cost.

1300-2000 yuan Recommend Paolo Scafora and Gaziano & Girling, the former suitable for business and leisure occasions, the latter should be equipped with suits.

More than 2,000 yuan is business casual arena, such as Hermes.

❶ selected according to applications

Commercial work should be selected simple discount, do not easily use the new style or a belt buckle huge.

When the daily pattern of casual leisure options, there is a sense of joy and freedom of discount enough.

Whether casual or formal wear, be sure not to use a pull on Baba loud automatic deduction, also arrived, but it was again easy to instantly destroy the image.

❷ selected on the basis pants trip and stature

Shorty is not suitable for generous Flat-plate belt buckle, easy clumsy.

Lanky type with a small ring belt buckle appear not enough air.

When a belt, the belt ends up not more than the second pants trip, about 5 cm length and more than waist pants, otherwise it will be a kind rustic feel.


▎ length (size, size)

Potbellied, waist wide selection of men’s suggestions about 3cm wide belt, while the lanky body type can make up the body of the visual sense with thin width of about 4cm.

When the dress with belt width generally should be about 3.5cm. Suitable for casual occasions too wide, too narrow seems a little stingy.


▎ color


Belt colors

The best and shoes with them

Instead of pants, shoes, belts grabbed the limelight but will result in a top-heavy feeling funny.

The best dress belt color is dark brown or black

. Black belt can be described as “universal belt” because it will not be particularly conspicuous together with any clothing.

Fashion belt, if that black is too rigid, consider brown, but the khaki-colored pants with a belt Liszt feel better yo.

Perhaps with a strap with a stylish suit instead of when the belt more prominent feeling, the rapid increase in the overall sense of style; the strap with a buckle buttons in the pants impression will be better than direct clip on the waistband; but remember straps and belts forever Do not use together.

Buy belts, starting from the basic models can not go wrong

❶ Prada / Prada men’s belts

Prada / Prada

Men’s Belts

¥ 3620.00

Discount simple and neat, tight stitches up and down, the brand logo is not visible,

Whether formal occasions or casual occasions came good, with various colors of pants no pressure

. Cross grain leather looks very stiff, highlighting the mature wind, hard texture also gives people a feeling straight.

❷ Carmina / Kamiya leather belt

Carmina / Kamiya

Leather belts

¥ 522.00

Carmina is a giant Spanish handmade shoes industry. Using the same shoes and the finest French calf leather, stitching, sealing well in the production belt. It will play post-production finishing in the top layer of wax to keep bright luster, so


Appearance present a lighter brown

And before Prada are two completely different texture. Belt reverse side is made of leather, brass, silver light shining back cover, there are suits attitude.

❸ Gaziano & Girling black belt

Gaziano & Girling

Black Belt

¥ 1887.00

Gaziano & Girling was founded in 2006, is a unique, new shoe brand, its new styling, high shoe-making process, to the British shoe industry has brought a revolution.

Although this pattern is absolutely no logo and no belt Hermes and other big high-profile, but

Excellent level

. Leather shiny and delicate texture, soft edge also appears and your spirit is not so heavy. Its hardware sutures reached the peak level of the belt is being installed low-profile fit.

❹ Col.Littleton cavalry belt


Cavalry belt

¥ 778.00

Col.Littleton company produced cavalry belt use of leverage effect produced by the discount, so you can mix and match while also creating a handsome cowboy style. Italian vegetable-tanned leather made of genuine leather,


Fine leather, non-toxic

❺ ARMANI / Armani men’s belt

ARMANI / Armani

Men Belt

¥ 1280.00

This belt selection

The logo buckle attached to the head of the ingenious design

Show details from the taste, not very bright in the blue with casual wear does not seem a high-profile, with white pants at the time, it will show a natural subtle, clean and concise temperament.

❻ J.CREW men’s belts


Men’s belts

¥ 559.00

Leather belts and different,

Knitting section targeting younger, unobtrusive dark green and brown can show similar effects when with light-colored pants


. Brown belt embellishment, neither green seize the limelight chase the trend, but also make the overall look very comfortable.

* Articles section Source SUN Da users know almost wet, and with the author’s permission to reprint.


▎ discount




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