A strange courier passed on filial piety, 25 years ago, students sent cotton clothes to the teacher

Chutian Metropolis Daily (Reporter Zhou Zhitao Correspondent Tao Huoying) The cold winter is approaching, but a strange express delivery makes Huang Feng silver warm. On the 5th, Huang Fengyin, a retired teacher in Qicheng Street, Xinzhou District, received a courier and opened it. It was a cold down jacket and a letter. The next day, Teacher Huang Fengyin first put on cotton jackets and three girlfriends to go out to collect photography together, which quickly spread the warm story of sending a down jacket to the teacher to the local area, making the girlfriend envy.

Huang Fengyin, a 62 -year -old retired teacher, introduced that on November 5, he suddenly received the parcel sent from student Liu Zhihua from Shenzhen to open it. It was a rose red down jacket, and a letter. The weather forecast in Wuhan is about to cool down in a few days. When I set up autumn and winter clothes for my mother -in -law, I just saw that this down jacket was particularly good -looking. My mother -in -law also liked it, so I also bought one for Teacher Huang. “Teacher Huang likes to take pictures. It must be beautiful to wear on you. Because I know Teacher Huang’s personality, I am worried that you will not accept it. Without your permission, I will send you this dress. The heart. “

Liu Zhihua told reporters on the phone that in 1993, she was in the third grade. In the next semester, Mr. Huang became the head teacher of the class. Through home visits, Mr. Huang learned that her mother died early and cared about her. In 1994, Teacher Huang specially held a birthday party for her, and one of the agenda was a gift for her birthday. “The classmates all prepared a gift. Teacher Huang’s gift was to give me her eldest daughter’s half -new sweater, spring clothes, scarves, etc. in 1995. The clothes I wore were given to him. Graduated from elementary school. She dropped out of school because she had no money to study. Teacher Huang also took a group of students to her grandmother’s house to work, just to let her not drop out of school, and then graduated from college. Whenever she thought of this experience, she was grateful to Teacher Huang. “


After more than 20 years, the teacher’s good Liu Zhihua still remembers it. Teacher Huang Fengyin, 62, told reporters that he had already remembered these locks of the year, let alone the students who would have been in the past for so many years. Keep these things in your heart.

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