No matter how old, women should wear more cropped pants to learn these matching methods and temperament

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Do you like to wear skirts or pants? Many women who reach middle and elderly people are inseparable from a skirt in daily wear. Although the skirt is very temperamental and feminine, if you wear it every time, it will look a little boring and boring.

In fact, for such an age

Women who are fifty or sixty years old, if you want to wear noble and elegant, you should use more nine -point pants to learn these matching methods. It is very temperament!

1. suit nine -point pants

The biggest advantage of suits nine -point pants is to show capable and temperament. This kind of pants are generally suitable for work and commuting. However, with the changes in the fashion circle, suit nine -point pants have also begun to wear on other occasions. No matter how old you are, you can wear a suit nine -point pants. It is quite straight to wear a straight trouser. As long as you wear it, you can easily create a sense of vision of long legs.

When choosing this suit nine -point pants to wear, if you do n’t know how to go, you may wish to use the top of the same color system to match. The combination of the upper and lower colors can not only reduce the error rate, but also fashionable and advanced. If you feel monotonous, you can also wear a necklace for embellishment, which is delicate and tasteless.

The pink suit nine -point pants have more pink and age -reducing atmosphere, and less formal sense, but its own temperament still exists, nine points+stiff trousers legs, the proportion of legs to wear is very slender. Slender, such a pair of pants are not straight enough and short.

The matching of the top can be matched with a cooler sweater, shirt or short -sleeved T -shirt. As for the color, the first choice is clean white. Of course, if you have the skills of your own matching skills, you can also try this dark color top, go deep deep, and go deep. The shallow combination is quite contrastable and very layered.

2. denim ninetep panties

Women who are 50 or 60 years old want to wear noble and elegant. In addition to choosing a suit nine -point pants, this classic nine -point jeans is also a very good choice! When choosing this style of nine -point pants, consider the tide of its fabrics, because only the stiff version can we wear a thinner effect.

This kind of nine -point jeans, the utilization rate in daily wear is still very high, and is versatile and fashion. No matter what kind of top chooses, it looks good. Like this Japanese blogger, he simply matches a white T -shirt and is combined with classic jeans. It is very fashionable.


The color of denim nine -point pants is deep and shallow. When you choose, you can choose according to your preference. Nine -point jeans with darker colors, the version is also very stiff. It is very straightforward to put on the legs, right? The top with a long shirt skirt, the dress in the skirt with pants, it has been popular in the past few years. The elegant shirt skirt, matched with jeans, looks different.


The lace design is added to the waist, it is easy to show thin and modify the figure. The visually cleverly stretchs the leg lines. The old women wear it in summer, which is really temperamental and elegant.


3. Nine -point wide -leg pants

No matter how old is women, pants like nine -point wide -leg pants are worth starting. If you want to wear thin and hidden meat, choose it! The white nine -point wide -leg pants, the color is so clean and refreshing, it is really suitable for hot summer. Generally, choose this color wide -leg pants. Pay attention to its fabric vertical feeling. It will be thinner up, and the proportion of the lower body will be well modified.

The matching of the top, simple and generous style is better, such as T -shirts, shirts, and suit jackets is a very good choice. The color of the upper dress should be as much as possible with the trousers. Like this blogger, he chose a relatively lighter T -shirt and suit to match. The overall looks very harmonious and gentle, and there are some elegance in noble.


It is so hot in summer. When choosing clothes, you must pay attention to the choice of fabrics and materials! It is more comfortable to start with good breathability. The nine -bit wide -leg pants like this chiffon fabric are really excellent. Putting on the body will not give people a sense of vision. Thin. Coupled with the high waist design, even if it is a short body, it will not be short to wear!


The top with a blue shirt, the whole person becomes more temperament and noble. Remember that the collar of the shirt should not be buckled, so that it will not look too rigid. The folding bone was slightly exposed, which was thin and refreshing. The silk scarf tied to the bag had a good embellishment effect, exquisite and tasteless.

4, satin cropped pants

The satin -based nine -point pants have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that this fabric is comfortable to wear, and the disadvantage is that this fabric is more skin -based, like some legs, and the lower body is more afraid of. Choose this style. The color of the pants is very high. The top is paired with a black knitted cuff. The overall color matching looks very high -level. It is enough to step on a pair of thick heel sandals under your feet. It is comfortable and refreshing.



Well, Lily’s sharing is here. Thank you for reading your little fairy. Women who are 50 or 60 years old want to wear noble and elegant, make more use of nine -point pants, and learn these matching methods to wear very temperament!

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