What are the cheap and beautiful watches in the opening season? These are only a thousand yuan for students to wear

In the final analysis, the role of the watch is to match our daily clothing, and the final temperament display after the combination of daily wear is the meaning of the watch existence. Either exercise, or rude, gentleman, or leisure, what kind of dressing style do you like, what your favorite watch looks like.

Here, the hair fish wants to give you an example of 8 styles of young and stylish watches to see which one is suitable for you!

Tissot Licke series T006.407.11.033.00 mechanical men’s watch

Price: 3,910.00


The entry -level Tissot is selected, and the Tissot explosion is non -Licke! The whole steel is simple to watch, up to 40 years old to 20 years old, and the design can almost contract the entire young stage of your life.

This Tissot is equipped with PowerMatic 80.111 movement, which has comprehensively improved stability, accuracy, and power storage. The dynamic reserve is 80 hours and waterproof 30 meters. The simple design and classic are in the same way. It can create a sense of urban business of young men, which is more matched with calm men!


Davosa Amaranto Series 16248026 quartz men’s watch


Price: 1,560.00

Black and white color matching is the most young and fashionable match. The urban fashion revealed by the Dvos Amaranto series has contributed to the fashion between contemporary young people. Increasing temperament and not losing the gas field is the existence of the Diwos Amaranto series.


The design of the white dial with concentric transmission is simple, pure and textured. The dial architecture of the outer ring, inner circle, and square date window shows a rich sense of visual hierarchy. Proper business men’s sense of vision!


The watch is equipped with the Ronda 715 movement. The sealing watch is designed with a 50 -meter waterproof function.

Youli UNIZEIT Goethe series BM005-SL900-00BD mechanical men’s watch

Price: 1.800.00

The German -style capable of Youli was integrated into the watch line. The 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus brought together modern minimalism, showing a simple and simple visual effect.

The elegant blue disk is equipped with a black leather strap, the petals are used to embellish the dial, and the position of the 6 o’clock is displayed on the date. The simplicity of the dial is compared with the exquisite formation of the back transparent design movement, which has a 50 -meter waterproof function.

Simple and not complicated, with every daily T -shirt or shirt is a taste.


West Railway City Citizen Men’s Men’s Watch Series NH8350-83LB mechanical men’s watch

Price: 1,440.00


The practice of the steel belt of the West Iron City with a deep blue disk is not novel, but versatile! Three -section chain steel belt is more capable of being capable of leisure and fashion ~

40.3mm diameter dial, with three stitches and week calendar display functions. 50 meters of waterproof enough to meet daily waterproof. A watch for daily wear, the above functions are enough.


Herlin Michel Herbelin



TY Metropolis Series 19515/17ma Men Male Watch

Price: 2,340.00


Herbalin’s urban series, beige dial with a brown strap, a autumn warm male fashion shows. The soft clothes of the belt make it more comfortable to wear. Do not worry about the invasion of sweat stains at the bottom of the seal. Cool elegant dial carrying three -dimensional scale, with a long double needle, the sense of elegance and fashion is shown.

Swatchnew Skin series SVUB100 quartz men’s watch


Price: 809.00

The streamlined, smoothness, and comfort, this is an adjective that a strip fish thinks after seeing Swellki as a young man.

Black and white color matching has never been able to have a personality at all, but it can pass the sense of fashion through the design of the lines. I don’t know how to describe it, but after wearing this watch, there will be a feeling of Guangzhou Wang Junkai.


Because it is a quartz watch, the accuracy is naturally not said. The dial of 5.6mm dial is thin and only to describe the four words. The dial is elegant and the dial is Hong Kong -style tide!

Welly Merckypioneer Washington B series WM004-BBL-MB-42 quartz men’s watch


Price: 1,100.00

His personality is cool and fashionable, and the design is designed by the master of the country! Both face value and quality are online. The mirror is an artificial synthetic sapphire mirror, which is wear -resistant and scratch -resistant, which can resist daily scraping. The strap adopts superb technology steel tape compilation technology, which is more comfortable to wear, and the dial has a calendar window, making it clearer when reading.

Young fashion, cool and black personality, the personality of the wrist is displayed.

Seiko Seiko Seiko 5 series SRP605J2 mechanical men’s watch

Price: 1,680.00


This precision fold rubber strap has changed the traditional smooth strap design, echoing the gear case, showing its own personality in the traditional watch form.

It is equipped with a 4R36 movement and provides energy for large pointers for 43.3mm blue disk. At 3 o’clock, there is a double calendar display function. The super -large dots and pointers make it clearer and more convenient to read. The gear -shaped blue countdown outer ring is used.


With 100 meters of waterproof function. Pass blue, personality design.


Although the watch has never been just needed, it is essential from a fashion perspective. The fashion of young people, simple and quality is basic, it doesn’t matter that big names are not big, as long as you like it, it is worth buying.

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