Charging base, magnifying glass, speaker, this watch accessories turn Apple Watch into a bed alarm clock

Apple Watch has a lot of shortcomings, the battery life is too short, the charging is inconvenient, the screen is too small, the speaker is too small … Although Apple prepares the bed alarm clock mode for it, I believe you will never use it!

NightWatch This simple little thing is integrated with a charging base, a magnifying glass, a speaker, etc., which will turn Apple Watch into a truly alarm clock that can be posted on the bed.

充电底座、放大镜、扬声器,这个手表配件将 Apple Watch 变成了床头闹钟

1. Easily accommodate the Magiconian charger of Apple Watch

Thick solid organic glass, a charging base designed for Apple Watch, can easily accommodate its magnetic charger. Also, when the watch is charged in the charging bin, the dial will immediately convert to the NightStand mode and display the complete clock.

充电底座、放大镜、扬声器,这个手表配件将 Apple Watch 变成了床头闹钟

2, enlarge the display of Apple Watch

Hand-polished convex lens, can also enlarge the Apple Watch screen display. Based on NightWatch, this mirror also supports touch interaction, clicking on the mirror to wake up Apple Watch dial.

3, enlarge the voice of Apple Watch

Nightwatch’s charging base also integrates a sound channel, which can enlarge Apple Watch’s speakers to make the alarm more loud.

充电底座、放大镜、扬声器,这个手表配件将 Apple Watch 变成了床头闹钟

Simple design, easy changes!

This little thing will turn Apple Watch into a real bed alarm clock.

充电底座、放大镜、扬声器,这个手表配件将 Apple Watch 变成了床头闹钟

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