N desks+cabinet integrated schemes, reserved 1M space is prerequisite, and small bedrooms can also be solved.

The popularity of online office and online learning, the status of the functional area of ​​the study room is becoming more and more important, but it is often contrary to their wishes. It is normal to cause the house area to not be separated from the study. In fact, the cabinet with the desk is combined. The space is given to the desk. Even if the house is small, you can have an exclusive study!

The corner of the storage cabinet is not wasted, creating a multi -layer cabinet+desk.

Whether it is a wardrobe or other lockers. When making or customized, you need to determine the location of the desk first. The wall space above the desk can create a multi -layer bookcase. In the position, just move the chair.

Compared with the separate partition room to make a study room, the desk left by this cabinet is sufficient to work and study. At the same time, the entire area of ​​less than 1 square meters ~


Storage cabinet horizontal desk!

When creating a storage cabinet, make a row of horizontal desks, extending the desktop, the visual cabinet is full of design, and it is practical to use a two -cabinet.


The storage cabinet “turns” to create a window desk!


If the location of the wardrobe is on the side of the window, you can simply extend a font or corner desktop from the wardrobe. The corner space can be used. At the same time, the window is used as a desk area to learn and the office environment.

The storage cabinet extends the “bedside table desk”!

Usually, wardrobes must be installed in the bedroom. If you are close to the bedside, you can directly extend the empty wall hanging desktop. It can be used as a desk and can replace the bedside table. Storage and storage are not delayed. At the same time, the problem of inconvenient opening and closing of the wall of the wall, the chicken rib space immediately became useful.


The storage cabinet extends the “7” -shaped desk.

Compared with a font wall -mounted desktop, the “7” -shaped desk makes it a leg. There is no need to worry about the bearing gravity of the desktop. It is at the balcony and can be used as a bar.


The storage cabinet extends and pulls the mini desk.

Although it is a combination of desks and cabinets, if the home is not enough, small apartment is recommended to hide the desktop in the cabinet. When it is needed, it is not needed when not needed. It does not take up space at all.

The “small study” hidden in the storage cabinet.


When creating a whole -face storage cabinet, design the desktop inside the cabinet, closing the door of the cabinet to hide, and the proper “cabinet room”. There is no space at all, and there are more learning and office space, but you need to prepare another chair!


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