A picture understands how to use a toilet stool to make the stool more happy, and how the Germans make sauerkraut

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This article mainly talks about the following questions:


1. How can I use the toilet stool to be faster

2. How to make German sauerkraut


“Be careful of the Intestine” author Julia Endz is a PhD in Medicine in the Frankfurt Micro Biological Research Institute in Germany. I bought the Chinese translation of money for translation, and it is an additional version. I have read the best translation of this book. It is easy to write about the fresh and unique fields related to the stomach, digestion, and microorganisms related to the stomach, intestines, digestion, and microorganisms, and people are interested in reading. I first thanked the translator, and then the author -this office has no interests related to this office. It is purely happy.

The following is my dismantling manuscript.

Speaking of the intestines, the first thing I think of is “how to make the stool easier”. Without spending too much time and energy, I can see a healthy stool like banana every day -everyone wants to keep their bodies maintain a one Good performance.


After reading this book, I only know that it is best to go to the toilet to “squat”. It can be cleaned and stretched. If you have a toilet, you can use the “toilet stool”. Of course, I am on a treasure. I also found various artifacts of “toilet sitting to change to squat” and “squatting and sitting”. Thank you for this era of online shopping.


Stool is only formed in the large intestine. What if there is difficulty in defecation? Doctors usually ask you to drink plenty of water. Because the large intestine will recover the water in the food residue when making the stool, if the water does not drink enough or lasts a long time, the bowel movement will be a bit dry -of course, it is definitely not good after a long time. It’s right.


I often see drinking more yogurt in media advertisements to promote bowel movements, but the author pointed out:


1. All probiotics have a limitations: stay in the intestine shortly -so you have to drink it often if you have to laxative;


2. If you want to have a little impact on the gastrointestinal system, at least 1 billion bacteria will be landed.

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt may not be able to rush to break the stomach acid, but it will also have a certain effect on improving constipation.


Speaking of yogurt advertising, people may think of dietary fiber -because it also uses good gastrointestinal health as a selling point. Dietary fiber is the food that intestinal bacteria like, but we should pay attention to:

What we should pay attention to is probe yuan, not all dietary fibers are called prebiotics.

What is the preyrodine? Good bacteria love to eat, and bad bacteria do not like to eat, even if they eat it, they ca n’t make evil dietary fiber. For example, onions, garlic, Luoluo onions (crow onions), and thistle are all probe yuan. Pharmacies or shops in the pharmacies or shops, and hypollar semi -lactose are experimental certified prebiotics products, and daily foods The potatoes, bananas, and rice are also wondered by probiotics.


If you don’t want to eat foods containing fungi or directly supplement bacteria, you can eat a little probe to help the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. You can pay a little attention in your daily diet, and you feel that the food is helpful to the stool. It is fixed as one of the daily food, so that the probiotics in the stomach can get a continuous “food supply”.

What should I do if I eat more dietary fiber and drink more yogurt, or it is difficult?

It may be because it is not at home. Every time you go out, many people will find that the bowel movement is not on time or the quality is not good, because the intestines have not adapted to the change of travel -the brain knows that you are going out, but the intestines are still used to the previous working mode. It is reflected in defecation.


Not only the stool, but the fart can also reflect the intestinal ecology. If the flavor of the fart is not smelly, it means that the beneficial bacteria in the intestine occupy the upper hand, because the gases of the metabolism of lactobacillus and bisidobacteria are not smelly. Well, let’s experience this yourself.

Good bacteria are sour, and fermented foods are also sour. It is common to eat a little natural fermented food that is good for gastrointestinal health. If conditions permit, you may wish to make fermented food at home! The author introduced the practice of German sauerkraut at the end of the article. It is said that this is one of the home -cooked dishes that Germans like:

1. Choose vegetables that have not sprayed with pesticides. Germans like to use cabbage, but other vegetables can also be used. These naturally growing vegetables have their own bacteria. Find a glass jar that can be pickled, the type with a lid.

2. Shredd the vegetables or marinate. The shredded shredded requires about 1 week, and the whole needs to ferment for 4 to 6 weeks. For vegetables and tools that can be encountered in vegetables, they must be disinfected and dried in advance. If the vegetables have been washed, it should be dried.

3. Put 10 to 15 grams of salt per kilogram of vegetables. Ordinary salt and sea salt are done. Do not use iodized salt. Because iodized salt has a bactericidal effect.

4. Sterilize and dry it with hand, rub the vegetables, so that salt and vegetables are fully mixed.

5. Put the kneaded vegetables in the glass jar to ensure that the vegetables are soaked in the kneading soup. If not, add a little saline into the glass tank and soak the vegetables in the soup without contacting the oxygen. The salt water is 250 ml of cool white and 1 teaspoon of salt. If you don’t have this salt water, you can try to compact the vegetables, or put a piece of stones (that is, cooked) stones on the vegetables. In short, don’t let the vegetables be exposed. Cover the lid and wait for the fermentation time.

After the point, the taste of sauerkraut is successful, that is, the fermentation is successful. These sauerkrauts can be taken directly to eat. If you ca n’t eat it, you can transfer it to the refrigerator to make the probiotic work efficiently. Essence I found a few pictures of German sauerkraut on the Internet:

If you only look at the finished product, it really looks like sauerkraut in Northeast China! However, related information says that German pickled vegetables will be used directly, and our Northeast sauerkraut is generally used to stew or stew, which reminds me of “sour” in both Guangdong and Guangxi and Hainan. Street snacks with regional characteristics.

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