A little better for the butt, the coolest car cushion in the inventory

On the hot summer, many car owners found that the seemingly cool leather chair sat up and was hot, not to mention the pills. When you don’t want to turn on the air conditioner but the temperature is high, a set of sitting or cushions suitable for summer can make people both comfortable and cool.

At present, bamboo cushions, grass, jade, linen, ice silk, bull and other cushions on the market are welcomed by car owners. According to reports, bamboo and hemp cushions are generally made of bamboo products or hard plastic. Putting it on the seat is equivalent to spreading a mat in the car, which has a very good thermal insulation effect.

The most comfortable: ice silk cushion

Reference price: 1200 yuan/set

Life life: about 5 years

Ice silk cushion is a relatively hot product in car cushions. The use of this cushion is very similar to linen, but the feel will feel softer. As a silk product, the cushion has a good luster, soft and cool, and the price difference is very different due to the different wire content.

The main point of buying: According to the merchant, the highest -grade silk cushion in the ice silk cushion is the silk cushion. Its fabric is soft, comfortable, and has a health care effect on human skin. When buying, the heavier the weight of the cushion is better when it is guaranteed to be a pure ice silk cushion.

Maintenance method: The cushion made of ice silk, as long as it is well maintained and cleaned, the service life can reach 5 years. It is just like the ice silk cushion, like the linen cushion, is more troublesome to wash.

The most affordable: bamboo editor or grass cushion

Reference price: 30 yuan to 200 yuan/set

Life life: shorter

The biggest advantage of traditional bamboo or straw cushions, especially bamboo pads, is cool. According to reports, after the process was improved, the designer carefully designed many exquisite patterns on the previous single surface, including cartoon animals and landscapes. The characteristics of this cushion are cheap and affordable, so it is one of the good choices for car owners to buy cool cushions, but the service life of bamboo or straw cushions is generally not more than two years.

Maintenance method: Wash water.

Most popular: linen cushion

Reference price: 400-1000 yuan/set

Life life: 2 to 3 years


The linen cushion is made of pure natural materials, which has the advantages of waterproofing, and has the advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, and fast heat dissipation. Its decorative and comfort are very strong and have good breathability. Use at room temperature, the real temperature temperature of the human body can be reduced by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Buying reminder: During the purchase of the linen, you must first pay attention to the line connector in the pattern. They should usually be hidden on the back of the cushion; second to see if the pattern is symmetrical and whether it is color difference. Some merchants will use cotton cushion to fill the linen cushion to deceive consumers. In fact, the authenticity of the linen cushion can be identified by touching with the eyes and eyes: Generally speaking, the linen cushion is heavier than the cotton cushion; the strength of linen is better than that of cotton lines. The feel is harder than the cotton line; when you touch the linen cushion on the scorching sun, you can feel that the temperature drops 3 to 5 degrees Celsius; the linen cushion is more shiny. In addition, it can be distinguished by fire. The flax yarn is tasteless after burning, and eventually turns into white gray.

Maintenance method: Select neutral or low -alkaline detergents, soak the cushion into the water for 10-12 hours, and use the packaging inner wire to gently scrub the surface of the pad. You can use the dehydrator to dry it and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

Most expensive: cushion cushion

Reference price: 1500 yuan ~ 3000 yuan/set

Life life: more than 10 years

Cruckets are soft, thick, and good in quality. Most of the car cushions that are used in cowhide now are mostly “valuable goods”. Compared with the traditional orange skin, the leather has the characteristics of warm, breathable, and anti -bacterial, which is suitable for high -end cars. When buying, pay attention to distinguish, and pull the skin with your hands to experience the feel.

Maintenance method: If you accidentally stain the cushion, just wipe it gently with a clean wet towel. Daily preservation should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. When the weather is clear, dry it in a cool and cool place. Do not expose it in the sun.

Suggestions for car bags: The weather is hot and humid in summer, and the content of the car is prone to mold. In order to keep the chair clean, it should be replaced and cleaned in time. The owner is best to prepare two sets of cool sets in turn.

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