The right dog’s neck ring and traction band make your dog happier! I’ll teach you to choose

Hello everyone! I am glad to have the opportunity to talk to you about the dog’s behavior management topic. Dogs have completed various training tasks with me with their nature and love for the owner. At the same time, I will also help those who are raising pets, but they lack experience in dog behavior management and are confused about human dog relationships.


Today, let’s take a look at how to buy and use some dogs to help us manage the daily behavior of dogs, and even teach dogs to do various actions. When we have a new puppy, we should let it come into contact with some dogs that often accompany it in the future, such as the neck circle and traction band. So why do my dogs use these dogs? This is a very good question that shows that your dog has begun to make a place to your dog, thinking about the dog.

As we all know, dogs are full of vitality and freedom. They are keen to run and explore the world around, and their regional concepts are completely different from us. At the same time, the dog did not maintain a sense of safety distance with the vehicle underwriting, so when we took it out for a walk, or when we wanted to enter the state of learning, their nature is still driving them to move quickly. This has a gap with our thoughts. And in the community where we live, there are some neighbors who are nervous about dogs, and these things will have a certain contradiction with dogs with natural freedoms. So when we take the dog out, it is very important and necessary to use the neck ring and traction band.


But if the neck ring and traction band are not used properly, it will cause damage to our dogs. So how should we buy suitable thin circles and pockets?


For puppies and some small dogs, I suggest you choose the neck of nylon, because its weight is very light and will not put any pressure on your dog. For a slightly larger dog, we can also choose the neck of nylon. But this type of excessively wide neck ring is not suitable for large dogs, because using such a neck ring will reduce human control ability to control dogs. For large dogs, I suggest you choose a steel chain, which will be very strong, which can increase the ability to control large dogs. If your dog has the ability to attack, its temper is more violent. I suggest you choose a plastic dog tooth ring. This is also a neck ring that can give the dog a lot of pressure. When the dog is under pressure, some behaviors we prohibit automatically.

The traction belt is recommended for the puppy, and this traction zone is very light, which is used to use the nylon neck circle. In addition, when we walk, we can also use a telescopic traction band, which is a very useful dog. When a dog walks, you can also pull out freely. When we need it to come back, we only need to press the lock -up switch, and the dog can be pulled back by us. In addition, if we need to fix a dog in a certain place for a long time, I suggest you use a steel wire traction band, because this type of traction belt will not be broken by the dog. If you choose other materials, the dog is likely to break the traction band by itself and get freedom.

In addition, the right shoulder strap also brings a very comfortable experience to the dog, but I only recommend that you prepare dogs below the medium -sized dog. Do not use such shoulder bands, unless your dog Has been trained in obedience.

If a dog has never worn the neck ring and traction band, then when we wear it for the first time, it may produce fear or unaccustomed to struggling desperately, which will hurt yourself or owner seriously. So the first step is to make the neck ring and traction closer to the dog’s nose, let it smell repeatedly, gradually familiarize it, reduce its fear, and relax it. When the dog is familiar with the taste of the neck ring and traction band, we wear the neck ring for it in the case of relaxation. I want to learn a little bit of behavior to give puppies a little bit.

When the dog is used to the neck ring, we tied it to it. When we just started using the traction band, we can use some snacks to attract its attention, let it gradually not to put our attention on the traction band, and let it slowly. In order to transfer the puppy’s attention, we can use toys to concentrate their attention on toys, thereby ignoring the restrictions on the traction belt. Slowly dogs are used to the feeling of neck ring and traction band. After the dog leaves for a while, we can try to gently pull the traction band, and use food to guide the dog to come to us. When the dog smells the ground or rushes forward, we slowly lift the traction belt, and at the same time call the dog’s name to guide the dog to retract the attention to our master’s body.


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In the next article, my friends who will educate the big dog will make the dog happy to put on the mask and add some sense of security to our neighbors. Let’s talk about it today.

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