The video is measured, can the automatic lifting window be crushed through the walnut and what will happen to the hand

The automatic rise and fall of the window glass are very convenient, but some people are worried about whether this strength is too great and it will hurt people. Can walnuts be crushed? Try it.

Window with anti -clip function, it will automatically recover when encountering a certain resistance

Before the test, it is briefly explained that most of the windows have anti -clip function, but some conditions need to be triggered. The European EEC standard stipulates that when the anti -clip area encounters more than 100 cows resistance, the anti -clip will work.


We found two cars with anti -clip -proof function, and then tested the window on the window.

Test car automatic lifting window

Banana window cannot be cut

The first was to use a car. At first, I tried it with a banana that was not peeled. After I found that the window touched the banana, I took it back.

There is only a little trace on the banana, which seems to be safe.

In some specific circumstances, you can pinch cucumber


The cucumber just started as the banana result, and none of them were cut.

However, after several tests, it was found that cucumber was placed on a specific angle, such as when the cucumber’s head was placed on the window, the window was clipped to the cucumber and will not be retracted, but the cucumber was cut directly.

Walnut cannot be broken


Try the walnut, and I found that the window was immediately retracted when I touched the walnut. It was the same result after trying it a few times.

The window will automatically recover when it encounters the arm

In the end, we also tried it a few times with our own arm and found that there was no problem. After the window touched the arm, we would immediately retract, and the hands would not have much feeling. It would not hurt.

Test SUV automatic lifting window

SUV lifting windows can easily clamp banana and cucumber

We change SUVs. First of all, the banana, found the SUV window, directly cut off the non -peeled banana. Then the cucumber was also very simple to be sandwiched into two stages.

SUV lifting car windows can clip through walnuts

Finally, the walnut was stuck on the glass, then the glass was lifted, and a “click” sound was found. The walnut was opened.

After changing a walnut, I grabbed it on the top of the window with my hands and tried it. It was also “click” to break. You see that the window is clamped.

SUV lifting windows will not be clamped to the arm

Finally, I tried it with our arm. The car window was taken back again. Although the strength of the upper clamp was larger than the car, it didn’t hurt very much. The problem was not big.

Different cars have different clamping intensity

This trial found that although both cars have anti -clamp function, the clamping strength is different. The clamping intensity of the SUV will be significantly greater. This thin walnut can be crushed.

Different objects of objects will also affect the anti -clip function

And the placement of this object will also affect whether the anti -folder function will be triggered. For example, the cucumber on the car is different, and the results are different. This is mainly related to the force area of ​​the object.

Therefore, if you often sit on the car, pay more attention to it. After all, the child’s fingers are thin and tender, and they are likely to be pinched.

The rear -row window cannot be designed to the end?

When it comes to glass windows, some careful friends may find that some cars can not be reduced to the end. Why?

When there are some old drivers driving, I often tell you that opening the window is more fuel -efficient. Some are this kind of south, often raining, and there is another rainy eyebrow outside, saying that it can block the rain, do you want to install it, is it easy to use?

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