Fashionable and versatile jeans, but they are always unsightly? Because the version is not selected right

Several sisters said “want to see jeans” some time ago; so today, I came with jeans. After turning back to the wearing before I shared, the bloggers almost use jeans to match different styles of look, but it can still give us a refreshing feeling.

I have to admit that jeans are currently the most worthwhile items.

However, choosing jeans is really a technical work, and the style is slightly inappropriate. It is likely to expose its own shape shortcomings, such as thick waist, large hips, legs bending, short legs, etc. It can also be poisoned and unable to stop.

Therefore, today’s sharing is not only recommended by style, but more is


Try to help you find the right model.

Let’s continue watching if you are interested.


Key leg length: high waist

“The higher the waistline, the longer the legs”, although everyone knows, it still needs to be emphasized. Aside from trousers, fabrics, and length, high waist models will be visually better than other non -high waist.

You can also see from the picture above,


The higher the waistline, the longer the length of the waist circumference to the crotch.

When choosing high waist jeans, you have to

pay attention to

Long crotch



Essence Everyone’s body is different. If a pair of pants waist lines are suitable but the crotch is deep, the pants will also “fall down” visually, not much tall.

However, high -waist pants also have relatively unsuitable figures, which will be mentioned later.

02. The key to the body: suitable for hips

The hip section is also the key to affecting the effect of the pants. The thin body is not right, it looks dry and non -type;

Big hips do not mean that it is not suitable for jeans.

When choosing a model, select the slightly loose style of the hip section, and the effect will appear in the effect.

Many jeans now have the effect of lifting the buttocks, so

Sisters with flat hips/small, choose the appropriate number of buttocks

In principle, it can avoid the visual problems of most hips collapsed;


Of course, if


The pocket is above the hip bias, and the effect will be better (there will be hip lifting effects).


How to know the long crotch and hips that are suitable for you?

Find the most suitable jeans from the closet, measure the size or check the details of the purchase page, and record the suitable data part.

The principle of wearing is “promoting growth and avoiding weaknesses”, but in terms of the choice of jeans, the effect of “avoiding weaknesses” basically has the effect of showing long legs and thinness.



Solve the fake width first. The fake width is actually a poor habit, which makes the thigh roots and femoral positions look relatively sudden; the length of the legs starts from the thigh roots, and the visually “short” is 15 cm.

In fact, many stars are available in this situation. It is very common. It can be adjusted back through posture and movement. Every day exercise, persistence will be effective. Of course, choosing the right style can also avoid the suspicion of “suspected weight gain” -choose


Middle waist and long jeans.

The position of the humerus is prominent. If you wear a high waist, you will “stretch” upwards, it will only look lower; choose a loose middle waist jeans, and choose long pants (long to cover the ankle, such as straight pants, micro -pants pants ), You can make up for the visual legs.

If the picture above is not very clear, refer to the jeans in Xiu Jing in “He Bo’s Bride” before.


The popular micro -flared pants this year are also the middle waist style, which also belongs to the long style of trousers;

Girls with developed calf muscles can also be worn.



Thighs thick


If you are only thick thighs, as long as the hips are suitable, and the legs will not be close to the legs, it is basically suitable. There are too many items you can choose! Because the denim’s texture version is stiff, whether it is straight pants or wide -leg pants, the thigh part can be modified.

The denim skirt is also a thigh weapon! The middle position is slit, the version will be a bit slightly A -shaped, and the full leg shape cannot be seen at all. Only the calf position is exposed, which is very thin.


The legs are not thin

I don’t know if there are any sisters in this case. After all, there are tens of millions of figures, and I can only give myself a question through a brain supplement.

In principle, it is best to use the coat to modify it (such as the length of the shirt cover); but it cannot be allowed to wear a jacket in order to show a thin hot day, so the best choice is the high -waist father who has brought fire before. Pants.

I feel too wide, you can also try

Wide leg pants


Essence Whether it is a pear -shaped figure or a slightly fat sisters, the tolerance of this type of pants is very good, but

It is recommended that the upper body items try to repair the body as much as possible

Otherwise, it will look very cumbersome.



Summary of buying jeans

GM’s hands -chopping principle: Don’t worry about what is suitable for what version, don’t worry about ordering!

1. Buy jeans first


Understand your size and shortcomings

, Avoid “self -exposure”;



As long as it is not the width of the fake ingredients, try to use the high waist as much as possible





Dark color is thinner than light colors

Unless you can choose, it is not recommended to buy white.

4. The fabric is

98%cotton+2%elastic fiber, it will be more comfortable to wear


; 100%cotton’s comfort will be slightly lower, but the tolerance of the leg shape will be higher.

5. Basic rules of trial judgment:

The upper body is suitable, the zipper is smooth

As well as

Squat and not stretch


6. Generally speaking,


High -waisted straight jeans are the least -of -person version of many versions.

Today’s sharing is here first. I don’t know much about everyone’s figure, but I can’t leave their ancestors. If you understand your own advantages and disadvantages, you can naturally buy jeans that are suitable for you ~



As well as

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