HTC U11 was exposed to the screen flaws of the screen and could not be removed?

On May 23, HTC officially announced that HTC’s new flagship smartphone U11 National Bank will open an appointment in the mainland on May 25th and officially release on June 1. Fast adapter. Among them, the 4GB + 64G version is priced at 4599 yuan, and the 6GB + 128GB version is also scheduled to meet with consumers in late June.

Considering that the HTC U Ultra (4+64GB) of the Snapdragon 821 processor currently costs 5088 yuan, even if the discount is 500 yuan, it is 4588 yuan, so the U11 of the Snapdragon 835 is highly expected. After all, 4599 yuan is expensive and only expensive. Only a little bit. In this regard, many machine friends asked, whether this machine is good or not, it is not worth starting. Recently, machine friends from Taiwan have reported that the batch screen of U 11 currently ships has obvious flaws, and purchases need to be cautious.

According to the description of a large number of U11 friends in Taiwan, some of the U11 screen they bought have obvious flaws. To put it simply, some U11 machine not only has uneven screens on the screen, but also has a similar scraping “trace” or “water tighter” residue. It will obviously see “residual traces”, and how to wipe it clean. See the video below specifically:

Many netizens joked that U11 may not have a “oil -sparse layer” as Huawei P10, because there are machines with oil -sparse coating. Through this functional material coating convenient. However, the actual situation is slightly different. Taiwanese machine friends and local HTCs call this problem as the screen “coating flaw” or “coating incomplete”, mainly due to the quality problems of the coating batch of the factory. This pot may come from Corning. The HTC parts also have problems with inadequate sampling.

Of course, not every U 11 has the problem of “coating flaws” on the screen. It is just that individual machine friends have encountered, some are relatively serious, and some have only one or two traces. Moreover, the HTC store is very careful and sincere, and you can support the return on the scene to return the goods with bad new products. If there is no goods, you can just wait a little or two for a day or two.

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