Xiaomi released a story machine comparable to the robot. 199 yuan to subvert the toy market?

In the middle of last month, the “Mi Rabbit Smart Story Machine” appeared in Xiaomi Black Technology showed outstanding performance. It can be described as hitting the pain points of many fever parents. And the user experience beyond the expected user experience, as always, maintains a strong “Xiaomi STYLE”, which has a good appetite.

It is reported that this “coaxing children’s artifact” is a smart early education story machine created by Xiaomi and its ecological chain company, Nanjing Machine Island Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and smart companion attributes such as “parent -child interaction” and “smart chat” , Raise the story machine from pure storytelling to listen to music to a new height. As soon as the product is launched, the strong black technology style is subject to high -tech style, especially with the father and mother of the baby. goods.

Throughout the story machine market, children’s story machines have become popular in the market since 2012. From 2015 to 2016, it entered the outbreak of the story machine market. It has formed a stable market size. Xiaomi and their ecological companies choose to enter the children’s market during this time period. How do you think deeply?

The bottleneck of the children’s story industry is prominent,

Homogenesis is getting worse

After the explosive development of children’s story machines and early education machines in recent years, the problem of homogeneity has become increasingly obvious. For this issue, many manufacturers have adopted methods to strengthen functions and appearance. These methods have promoted the brand. It plays a certain role, but if it is not essentially the evolution of the product attributes of the story machine, it is difficult to complete the development of the industry again.

The survey shows that before contacting traditional education, more than 80%of the parents will choose the enlightenment education of early education machines to assist infants and young children. The pertinence, the content of the content is different, and the knowledge transmitted to infants and young children lacks the selection of professional education experts.

In addition, the volume and safety of early education stories cannot be ignored. According to experts, children’s auditory organs have not yet developed, and audio transmitted to children cannot have harsh treble and shocking bass. If the material of the early education machine does not meet the standard, it will cause secondary harm of children.

The product content lacks targeted, small and medium -sized manufacturers are in trouble

At present, most of the stories on the market have a wide range of applicable age. It can be from prenatal education to before school age. However, in practical applications, can the story function be welcomed by children so long?

The core of the early education story machine is the content. Its quality directly affects the effectiveness of early education. If the professionalization and targetedness of the content are not in place, not only can not play a good role in cultivating children’s various abilities, but also reduce children’s listening to the story of the story. The curiosity of nursery rhymes, there are many styles of early education machines on the market, and the teaching content inside is very similar. Therefore, high -quality original content has become the key to the manufacturer’s standing out.

The content of the early education machine is not as good as possible, but to choose according to the actual situation. At present, many big manufacturers have begun to cooperate with some educational institutions and experts to inject high -quality content into the product, and those small and medium manufacturers with no production capacity and technical advantages and lack of content creative capabilities will get Come smaller.

In summary, although the early education story machine has gradually begun to be accepted by more and more parents in the Chinese market, because the industry standards are blurred and the market thresholds are low, many story machines and early education machines cannot really be cultivated. Children’s role.

Accelerate innovation of children’s story machines,

Intelligent becoming a new explosion

Early education of infants and young children has always been known as the premise of “digging the future genius”. In the eyes of many parents, if smart toys can enjoy playing with fun, they can be enjoined while developing children’s intelligence at the same time; with the help of smart toys terminals, they can track and monitor children’s physical condition, etc. It is also an important additional service for parents.

0-6 years old is a critical period for children’s intelligent development and improvement of personality training. Babies mainly understand the world through visual and hearing. In the critical period of the baby’s 0-6 years old, a planned and targeted hearing influence (nursery rhymes, stories, Chinese studies, music, etc.) have an inestimable value for their intelligent development and improvement of personality training.

In fact, in terms of education, the intelligent products of early education machines and story machines have also appeared on the market. Some companies are developing robots that can counsel their children’s homework. European countries use robots NAO to teach immigrants to learn local languages. Wonder DASH & Dot and Phiro, such as robots that can teach children to learn programming. To sum up, it is now mostly educating children’s robots, accompanying children’s robots, and programming children’s robots.

Xiaomi advances into the children’s story machine, behind the back of 100 billion levels

Children’s market

According to the results of the 6th census in China in 2010, there are more than 220 million children 0 to 14 years old in my country. With the release of the two -child policy, there are nearly 20 million newborns in China each year. 92.5 billion U.S. dollars, and if this part of the market is replaced by smart toys, and the unit price of smart toys is relatively high, the smart toys market can excavate the space very much. Therefore, some people in the industry have made hundreds of billions of market estimates on the smart toy market.

Although the children are not purchasing power, the parents behind them are the backbone of the post -80s and post -90s society. The proportion of children’s education expenditures in household income is also increasing year by year.

Moreover, there is an advantage of the children’s smart toy market, which is “starting from the child”. If a product enters its life during a child’s childhood, it can effectively cultivate brand loyalty. Significance.

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