Thin jacket+small high -necked Korean girl loves to wear like this, the piece is small and fresh

Girls are very attractive to wear this way, caramel color top+orange makeup is super cute, vitality

How many girls who like Han Feng, please raise your hand! As a fashion blogger that is superior in Korea, many sisters must have seen this younger sister. I believe that the sister of the beautiful sister today can be able to enter the eyes of Han Feng’s sister, thin jacket+little small jacket+small jacket+small jacket+small jacket+small jacket Takaic collar, cotton+trousers/skirts, coats, let’s take a look.

Look1: thin jacket+small high collar

Sometimes the same set is very suitable for girls who do not match. Do not think that the same set is too low. Like this younger sister, this checkered item is matched with a small high -necked wire jacket with a caramel color. Obviously very high -level and natural, very temperament!

In this set of Look, the matcha small high -necked top with a light -colored knitted cardigan, with denim trousers underneath the sleeve part of the sleeves, which makes the long -sleeves of matcha color, which makes the shape a sense of integrity, and the cardigan is originally from the cardigan. With a gentle temperament, it shows the elegant and casual side.

Look2: cotton clothing+trousers

The caramel letter base is matched with a beige cotton jacket, and a denim 9 -point trousers are under the lower jacket. The highlight is the choice of caramel -colored socks. The design of a different kind of exposed ankle echoes the bottom. , Make people shine.

And this young lady seems to like orange color such as caramel color, which is full of vitality. It is also a little orange makeup, which makes the whole person rejuvenating a kind of vitality that is unique to girls. The whole person’s mood was driven.

Purple small high -necked line clothes with leather pink down jackets, wearing the particularly popular haze blue cotton clothes this year. In fact, the combination of these three colors has a sense of mix and match, let alone streaming pants and upper. Different two colors, but fortunately, the large area is not cumbersome, but the level is still a bit worse.

Like the level in this shape, the level is very reasonable. Matcha is a small high -necked with light green knitted cardigan and wearing military green cotton jackets. The green level has also brought vitality, and the plush stitching on the jacket is also very this year. The popular design looks very warm.

Look3: cotton clothing+skirt

Before, Mei Sister should also highly recommend knitted dresses. In fact, knitted dresses are not only suitable for autumn orders, but also can be paired with thick cotton clothes in winter. The choice on the socks is also unique, with the lemon yellow bag to light up, perfect!

The ginger small high collar is paired with the ginger and black stitching Link knitted cardigan, a checkered half skirt, and wearing a long down jacket with a little orange feeling. But it will not seem too jumpy, it seems simple, but the sense of layering is strong, which is very tested.

Look4: coat shape

Denim worker shirt with slim -bersetable trousers, wearing black coats, and the neutral style looks a bit cool. Of course, this is also due to the dark color shape and the free and unruly unruly denim fabric. The field is full.

The small high -necked knitted dress with a brown jacket, although not very high -end matching, is better than this kind of combination of the same color to avoid many matching troubles and ensure the foundation of the foundation. Girls can try this easy match.

Have you ever tried such a hooded coat? Not to mention that this year’s hooded coat is really popular this year. Compared with the usual lapel style, the presence of hoodes makes it more energetic of young people, and it also weakens the strength of the coat, light and playful.

Beige knitted woven clothing with khaki skirt, wearing beige woolen coats, originally beige is a very gentle and natural color, and a large area of ​​beige is even more natural into the atmosphere of the whole person. It is easy to have an indifferent intellectual temperament.

The above is the private style of this young lady. What do the girls feel after watching it? Although it is not particularly publicized, the win is fresh and natural, especially suitable for everyone to wear everyday.

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