Handmade in the summer vacation: fishing toys without spending money, simple and fun production

Handmade in the summer vacation: fishing toys without spending money, simple and fun production

Have you ever been fishing? Fishing is a very interesting activity, especially the moment the fish is hooked, I can really feel the joy from the heart! And fishing can cultivate our patience and persistence. Today I will teach you to make a small toy about fishing. Let’s take a look at the specific production process. During a pleasant holiday, let us meet with the boat together! During the journey, you may wish to play fresh and interesting fishing games with your partners. Creating marine life and making your own fishing game group.

Card paper fishing toys

Preparation materials: stick drawing fish card, hairy roots, ropes, small wooden sticks, color pens, scissors

Production steps: Take the small fish out of the card

Paint color with watercolor pen

Cut the hair root into a small section of about 2 cm long with scissors

Tie one end of the rope to the small wooden stick, the other end is tied with a hair root, making fish hooks

Put the hairy roots through the round hole of the small fish, the work is completed

How to play after completing the work? Let’s share some gameplay with the teachers:

Take the number of things, the correspondence between numbers and quantity

Hand -eye coordination mini game

Classified by features

Teachers can design related games according to the age of young children.

You can also set a breakthrough mechanism for the game to make the game more interesting.

Creative card paper fishing toys

Preparation materials: color cardboard, scissors, tape, cake support, hemp rope, pen, solid glue, back -shaped needle, magnet

Production steps: Draw the outline of small fish on the hard cardboard

Use scissors to cut out the shape of the fish according to the contour

Don’t be a needle in the position of the fish head

Use cake paper to place the fish fishing from (other devices are also possible ~)

Pencil is used as a fishing rod, tied to fishing on one end, and the other end is set to the magnet

The small fish was caught with a magnetic needle with a magnet to suck the fish mouth.

Is it particularly easy to make, it is also very fun, play with your baby!

Sponge paper twist rod fishing toys

Preparation materials: waste cards, sponge paper, cartoon eye patch, twisting stick,

Plastic straws, double -sided glue, awl, scissors, signs.

Production steps: Select 3 cards and draw different fish shapes on it with a marked pen.

And cut off with scissors. Prepare 3 colors of sponge paper.

Cut the same shape of sponge paper with reference to the fish shape, and stick the sponge paper on the card with double -sided glue.

Prepare the twist stick of the awl and the same color as the sponge paper.

Poke a small hole in the center of the fish’s head.

Put the twisting stick into the small hole and bend the two ends and cross the two ends.

Stand the cartoon eyes on the head of the fish with double -sided glue.

Cut out different shapes of fish scales with other colors of sponge paper, and stick the fish scales on the body of the fish with double -sided glue.

Give full play to creativity and make beautiful clothes for small fish.

The image of the small fish can be realistic or exaggerated.

Thousands of creatures living in the ocean, let’s make jellyfish and octopus together.

Refer to step 1 to prepare the shape of a circular and octopus.

Round is used to make jellyfish. We need to use the awl to poke out small holes with the same spacing in the lower half of the circular.

Prepare color twisting sticks of the same length.

Wrap the section of the twisting stick on the fingers to form a spiral shape;

Put on the other end into the small hole and flatten and fix it.

Add eyes, mouth and decoration to the cute octopus.

Finally make a fishing rod, prepare to twist and straws.

Twlerate one end of the twisting stick to one end of the straw, and the other end is bent into a hook -shaped shape.

Remarks: In order to increase the fun of the game, you can do more types of marine life.

If it is a multiplayer game group, the corresponding number of fishing rods should be made according to the number.

The fun of making a small toys in the fishing game group is completed, and all kinds of ocean babies are beautiful together!

Non -woven fishing toy

Preparation material: a wooden stick or similar long pole, some cardboard,

Wool, awl, wire or back -shaped needle, scissors.

The rod and the back -shaped needle plus the wool to make fishing rods. The shape of the sauce is cut into small fish and then tied with a ring buckle as a fish. In this way, the fishing rods and fish are available, and then they start fishing and see who fish.

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