Small than the coat, thinner than down jackets, “long knitted cardigan” in autumn and winter, it is beautiful to wear a half skirt

Entering the autumn and winter seasons, there are many fashionable and warm clothing began to become popular.

In addition to coats or down jackets, sweater is also an indispensable clothing

, And this year, the peak knitted cardigan is particularly temperament on the body. It will be beautiful whether it is paired with jeans or skirts.

This “long knitted cardigan” looks higher than the coat, and it is much lighter than down jackets, so don’t worry about being fat and old. If you want to look more temperament, you can continue to see the shapes of these long knitted cardigans.

Part 1: Choose the right “long knitted cardigan”

【1】 Look at the color

Entering the autumn and winter seasons, I believe everyone prefers to try dark clothing.

Black or brown color, simple and low -key, it is really not easy to make mistakes on the body

, But for you who are pursuing fashion, the combination of bright colors will be more conducive to reflecting a sense of high -level, and for women with older or dull skin, it is recommended that you can try some warm colors.

Ginger, red or naked pink is very mild


The color that is not difficult to control,

In autumn and winter, we can try this gentle color system.

[2] Look at the neckline

As the saying goes, the lower the neckline, the better, the better, so when we choose the neckline of the sweater, we should focus on V -neck design.

Compared with ordinary round necks and high collars, the lean effect of V -neck is the strongest.


Most of this long knitted cardigan will combine the V -neck design

, So you can also put the neckline when you are worn

The buttons are unbuttoned, and then the feeling of large V -neck is made, which is very thin.

Part 2: The matching skills of knitwear

① Light and versatile in the inside

The matching of long sweater is most afraid of bloated and burden

, So you should pay attention to creating a sense of layering when you are worn, then

You can challenge those thin -material shirts and T -shirts, and it is not easy to look bloated.

For example, these medium -length knitted cardigans are worn on the body to keep warm and fashionable.

The fold effect is also very good


The basic solid color shirt or T -shirt can create a very light feeling.

② Combination of simplicity: Simple “long knitted cardigan” + fashionable inside

We can also consider some costumes with a sense of design, because when most people choose a knitted cardigan, they will choose a solid color style. The pure -colored knitted cardigan always feels a little monotonous.

Choosing this stripe inner or choosing printed clothing for yourself will look more fashionable.

For example, the black -and -white stripes below can form a certain contrast with the long solid color cardigan outside, so that this shape is no longer dull.

③: Same color matching

In terms of matching,

Recommended Xiaobai can first choose the matching of the solid color system for themselves

,for example

The earth color that is popular this year is very suitable for wearing in autumn

If your fashion control ability is not very strong

You can consider this solid color inside, which echoed a certain response.

Such as the following

Knit sweater is basically matched with the same color inner cloth, pants or accessories

This can ensure the sense of fashion and hierarchy of the entire shape.

The third part: the fashionable “long knitted cardigan” shape

look1. “Long knitted cardigan” + skirt

I always feel a little dull when wearing a knitted sweater in autumn and winter. For young ladies pursuing fashion,

A light skirt is essential. We can match light floral or pleated skirts in the lower body.

These fashionable skirts are all popular this year.

And when choosing a skirt

Be careful not to be too short, don’t be too long

Too short skirts are easy to go, and too long will feel a little procrastinating,

The long skirt like the ankle below is the most suitable.

look2. “Long knitted cardigan” + casual pants

Choosing a knitted cardigan with casual pants is also a very good shape.

Casual pants can be worn in the lower body to help us modify the leg shape. The sister of the pear -shaped figure can try the straight leisure pants

, Or cone pants, which can help show thinness, but not feel old -fashioned at the same time,

The upper body with a loose knitted cardigan can form a loose combination.

By the way, when you choose a knitted cardigan,

Be sure to pay attention to the version, you can be near the thigh, this length is very suitable for small.

look3. “Long knitted cardigan” + high heels

Of course, we will also consider shoes when choosing this long knitted cardigan with pants.

It is recommended that you consider high -heeled shoes or high -heeled short boots, which can help you stretch your legs, and you will feel very delicate when you step on your feet.

For example, the younger and sisters below have chosen exquisite small high heels and long cardigan to match

, Can also create an elegant temperament and enhance your femininity.

This autumn and winter season is not popular or down jackets. Those clothing is too bloated, and it is easy to be fat. If you want to be tall and thin, come and try this long knitted cardigan. Show a gentle temperament.


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