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It is well known to choose children’s products to make parents ‘headaches, especially children in bed, and a wide variety of kinds always make people look, how to choose children’s suitable bedding, I believe this is a number of parents’ entity; And when choosing a child bedding, I believe that many parents first value the fabrics of the product, because the child’s skin is delicate, the fabric is not good, and the child’s skin disease is caused, so personal agreement is the best, both Comfortable and affordable. Recently, I have been fortunate to have a bamboo cotton gauze slit, which is a child that can be covered.

Lestleep / Posing this brand, painting sleep, is a sleep health industry brand that is committed to building integration design, research, development, production and new retail, with “the world is a good sleep” as a mission, providing users with professional, system, Warm heart sleep solutions, a sleeping system that creates multiple scenes and sprockets, ultimately forms a smile-centered system sleep ecological circle across the industry across the industry.


This is a 150x200cm planet, the front is a blue fabric, printed many small patterns, such as small planets, bunny, etc., very cute and interesting, can increase your baby’s curiosity. The back is light blue fabric, which is more suitable for little boys.

Painted children bamboo cotton gauze selection, selection of high quality Tianzhu, 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton perfectly, textile into bamboo cotton fabrics for baby skin, with light, breathable, soft characteristics, super intramullary Fabrics are hailed as “breathing gauze towels”. At the same time, the structure of the loosening gauze is used, and the heat-dissipating hole is covered with a heat hole, the bamboo fiber capillary structure is absorbed and sweating, bringing a small body that loves sweating, bringing very comfortable breathing.


With natural bamboo fibers, self-contained antibacterial properties, you can take a long-lasting skin, will not be invaded by bacteria; and actually passed through water washing to verify 100 times, the antibacurity of the quilt can reach 94%. Moreover, the seam is tissue in the whole soft fiber tissue, and the cloth is stuck in the body, and the skin is comfortable.


And use fine rolling edges, it is not easy to route. Especially the six-layer light gauze blanket, soft hand feel, good hygroscopicity. Especially large-sized design, you can meet your baby, you can also meet the needs of our mother.

The bamboo cotton gauze, which is described asleep, is thinner, and can be used as a gauze blanket as a gauze blanket. 6-storey bamboo cotton gauze blanket, equivalent to the thickness of 2 coins, will not have a thick sensation for children’s use.


As a bamboo cotton gauze, the soy fiber is carefully filled in the mezzanine, and it can make the small body of the infant, and I want to sleep when you sleep.


Overall, it is very good to give me a child’s bamboo cotton gauze, whether it is worthy of value, or workmanship, and humanized design makes the product a high level, and also More profile comfort. For your own baby’s health, I recommend this: Painted children bamboo cotton gauze seams.

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