Bellkin, a high -ranking player in the film industry, guards your privacy all the way

Today, with the significant enhancement of notebook portability, the work scenarios that can be competent are more extensive. The trend of mobile office has gradually emerged. However, many new problems have also been derived, such as the occurrence of screen privacy exposure in public places. Most people will feel uncomfortable to expose their privacy to the public’s eyes. When the situation is serious, it will even leak commercial secrets.

In order to solve the problem of screen privacy leaks generated under the trend of mobile office and enhance the ability of laptops in the screen privacy protection, Bellkin launched a anti -peeping film dedicated to MacBook. Small impact can effectively protect your privacy and security. Bellkin is the world’s leading digital accessories manufacturer. It mainly focuses on data cables, chargers, and tempered films. It provides users with rich and quality accessories products. In the United States, more than 60%of computer users have at least one Bellkin product, which shows its solid user base.

The volume of the entire Bellkin’s anti -peeping membrane is not large, and the length and width specifications are 299.6mm × 195.5mm. It looks similar to the size of the courier envelope, which fits the screen size of the 13 -inch MacBook. The thickness of the anti -peeping membrane is about 1mm. Paste the original experience. It will not significantly increase the thickness of the screen, and the touch is still delicate.

Many users think that the computer film needs to be completed by professionals, but the Bellkin anti -peeping film uses a magnetic design. It does not require glue to be fixed, and the operation is simpler. Just tear off the plastic film on the anti -peeping film, press it on the screen gently, the anti -peeping film is firmly pasted on the screen, and it will not appear bubbles like a traditional protective film.

Bellkin’s anti -peeping film has a very small impact on the screen. Basically, the original color of the screen can be maintained. The image does not produce obvious color differences. Even the design and editing personnel with high requirements are very friendly.

Most screen protective films are disposable supplies, and they can only be discarded when they reach a certain life span, causing waste of resources and increasing the cost of user use. Bellkin’s anti -peeping membrane uses a clean coating, which can be disassembled at any time to make it. Not only can save resources, it is easier to clean, so that the screen is always as new.

Apple’s MacBook is famous for its excellent screen quality. The screen color is true and delicate, and the viewing angle is very wide, but it will make the content on the screen easier to expose. Without using a anti -spy membrane, the image image of the 45 ° visual angle is still clearly visible. Even if you use 60 ° or even larger visual angle, you can still easily see the screen image.

Left: The face -to -face effect of unbusting membrane; right: the face -to -face effect after the anti -peeping membrane

After using the Bellkin anti -spy membrane, it can effectively prevent information leakage. The visual angle of the Bellkin anti -peeping membrane is 90 °, which is basically the angle of the user’s face -to -screen. When the angle exceeds 30 °, the screen will show dark gray. From a 45 ° angle, the screen visibility will not exceed 10%. When the angle exceeds 45 °, the screen is basically black, and the screen information is almost visible. The above test scenarios and daily work are relatively similar. That is to say, in daily use, people around you basically cannot see your screen information, effectively solve the problem of privacy exposure, and protect your privacy and safety.

Left: The 45 ° viewing angle effect of the non -peeping membrane; right: the 45 ° viewing angle effect of the latter film

Left: The 60 ° perspective effect of the non -peeping membrane; right: 60 ° viewing angle effect after the anti -peeping membrane

What principles are the Bellkin anti -spy membrane used to protect privacy? Many people will be interested. Anti -peeping membrane is an optical technology named a fine louver window into the anti -peeping coating. The principle is similar to the shutter window in the office. The shutters are controlled by adjusting the angle of the fan blades to control the light and darkness in the house. The design of the anti -peep screen is more precise. It can be understood that the shutters of the shutters are tens of thousands of times. By controlling the screen light, the screen visual angle narrows, so as to achieve the anti -peeping effect.

Bellkin’s anti -peeping membrane uses the principle of shutters to achieve the anti -peeping effect

Bellkin’s anti -spy membrane can not only protect your privacy, but also effectively protect vision. It uses anti -faint design, which can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue generated by the screen for a long time. Bellkin’s anti -spy membrane also has anti -light function. Even if the light source is direct, the image is still clear.

In the context of the gradual popularization of mobile office, privacy protection will be more valued, and Bellkin’s anti -peeping membrane solves the problem of privacy exposure. This protective film also has the advantages of easy installation, repeated use, and small impact on the screen. Bellkin’s anti -peeping film is a high -ranking player in the screen protective film, and the price is relatively high. The price is about 298 yuan, but it inherits the quality of product quality of the Bellkin family. Experience.

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