Real measured vehicle DSD music player enjoy the real loss of no destructive sound at any time

The professional modification of the car audio, from the non -destructive upgrade to the re -broadcast of the non -destructive original sound, to the output of non -destructive audio sources. It can be seen that the science and technology of the sound reform sector are making progress, and the pursuit of consumers and enthusiasts has become more pragmatic and closer to life. In recent years, the prevalence of DSD products in the non -destructive sound source market has caused riders to have more choices of sound source output. For the DSD player that is easy to install, it is also favored, just like this Soundmagus Saint-1 DSD car lossless music player!

Shengmei Play-1DSD player, before listing, 360 has conducted new product news reports of new products. Earlier, the 360 ​​Auto Network officially received the physical objects of this product, and conducted a product test from the perspective of practicality, convenience, effect and other perspectives.

Practical convenience

After long -term testing of this product Shengmeige Development Team, it is specially used

DC-DC isolation power supply

Technology is optimized for noise such as current sound sounds that are prone to car audio. This isolation power supply technology not only eliminates the sound damage of the current sound to the sound quality, but also

Meet the power failure

As well as

Shutdown memory

Such functions, targeting Fu You

Start/Stop start -stop function

The use of models can also be used to play automatically after startup, and automatically shut down.



Provide dedicated line access

Car 12V power supply

, USB output port power supply to DSD player, this converter also plays a power isolation to reduce noise. The other side of the converter is equipped with two digital signal outputs of optical fiber output and coaxial output. It is more convenient and diverse.

Dedicated rotor with 12V power wiring and optical fiber coaxial digital signal output

Effect on the car on the car

In actual audition, Xiaobian specially found a Nissan Jinqi passenger model with shared travel and shared. This car is just the latest new car in the travel platform. The condition and interior configuration of the car are good. And one more consideration is the convenient installation of Play-1 DSD and the direction of good effects. These shared cars are basic configurations that have not been modified, which can try the most actual sound quality effect of the player.

The test of the test is the entry version of the 1.5L displacement CVT gearbox, equipped with a 4 speaker audio system, the original car with a 7 -inch touch screen, and supporting multimedia functions such as CarPlay and voice recognition. It stands to reason that the original car fully meets daily use needs, and listening to the radio to connect to mobile phones to play music, navigation and so on.

First install PLAY-1 DSD. The original self-with magnetic suction provides super suction. The pure aluminum alloy CNC processing shell has a good protective wear resistance and durability. The space where the vehicle center console can be released by magnetic installation, and it can also be fixed at the outlet and other locations to facilitate the driver’s operation to increase safety. The IPS high -definition screen is clear and easy to read, and can display information on the cover of the album, songs, lyrics, artists and other information in detail. Coupled with the damping of the four function buttons and the central knob’s rotor, it will be clear, and it will not work hard in operation, nor will it be distracted by users.

Trial track, this player’s signal -to -noise ratio is high


As well as support

DSD256 hard solution

The functions of the function are in place. Although Jinke has only four original car pot horn. After upgrading this sound source output, it has significantly improved with the original experience of listening. Higher, it also reduces problems such as delay when using the mobile phone Bluetooth to connect the audio system. The sound quality loss control is extremely low, restores real -time accuracy, and compared with the sound of the original car audio, it will make people have the illusion of this Jinke who has upgraded the sound speaker. The side can also reflect that the more high -definition and non -destructive format music files, even if the original car’s low -cost paper basin unit can improve the sound quality effect and improve a certain driving enjoyment.

Multi -style self -balanor can be adjusted

360 car outlet review:

Regardless of operating, convenience and effect, this Shengmei Song Play-1 DSD can be said to allow non-destructive music to sing at any time, but also the original intention of finding a zero-modified vehicle for testing. Although some riders of this machine will feel that it is not enough to use CARPLAY or Bluetooth to output with mobile phones, but the editor’s perspective, smart phone memory space is very tense, plus large format HD-free sound-free sound source files, Shengmei Play 1 DSD’s storage space of TF cards will make the space to enjoy good music more!

Soundmagus Shengmei Play-DSD player technical parameters

/ High -speed MIPS+DSD architecture / 2.4 -inch real lottery high -definition IPS screen / signal -to -noise ratio: 110db / decoder: DSD256 hardware decoding / memory card: Maximum support 128GB expansion TF card / digital signal output: support fiber, same axis signal output output

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