About the safety operation manual of the air compressor

About the safety operation manual of the air compressor

1. Operation description

1. The oil surface is kept in the red line of the oil mirror. Too much refueling is to waste the gas valve carbon in addition to wasting lubricating oil. Too few refuels often burn or wear it due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the oil level should be kept within the red line at any time.

2. After about 500 hours of use, change the oil once, so as not to cause machine damage due to oil pollution.

3. When changing the oil, please spin the oil under the crankshaft box and export the oil from the cardboard or other utensils. After the oil is dirty, the oil is tightly tightened (ZUI is well coated with tens of thousands of gums or tens of teeth or Stop leakage to prevent oil leakage), and then open the refueling cover and add the new oil to the middle of the red line of the island mirror.

4. It is strictly forbidden to not add new oil during operation.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use thick lubricating oil and its hybrid oil and waste oil.

6. Put up preparation: First turn off the air intake valve and the gate valve of the air compressor of Dongguan air compressor, and then start the machine; at this time, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine runs is normal. At this time, you should slowly open the air inlet valve of the Shenzhen air compressor to make the machine work normally. At this time, you should pay attention: (1) whether the sound of the machine is normal; (2) the rise of the machine pressure gauge; Whether to get oil; (4) Whether the safety valve of the machine and the safety valve of the gas storage tank work properly. If there are no abnormality of the appeal, there is no abnormality to open the gates of the wind pipeline to send the air.

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2. Precautions for the operation of Huizhou air compressors:

1. The gas pitch should avoid sharp bending. Before opening the air supply valve, the relevant personnel of the work place must be notified in advance.

2. No one is allowed to work at the air outlet of the air compressor. The placement of the gas storage tank should be ventilated, and it is strictly forbidden to expose sunlight and bake at high temperature.

3. The pressure gauge, safety valve, regulator, etc. should be checked regularly to maintain sensitivity and effective.

4. Check the screws or nuts of each ministry, whether there is a loose phenomenon.

5. Whether the belt is tight.

6. Whether the pipeline is normal and whether the oil level is appropriate.

7. Whether the wires and electrical switches are in accordance with the specifications and whether the wiring is correct.

8. Whether the footsteps of each round of foot have been fixed and stable.

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9. Small air compressors are mainly used for inflatable, paint, wind power and air -blowing gas. During the use of the air compressor, the temperature of the cylinder head is lower than 50 ° C, and the temperature of the gas storage cylinder is lower than 55 ° C, which is normal.

10. Check whether the motor rotation direction should be consistent with the arrows on board. Otherwise, the phase of the power supply should be replaced, so that the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the arrow.

11. The rated motion pressure of the pressure contactor can be adjusted if the pressure of the pressure is not met. When parking, the power should be cut off after the pressure contactor movement, so that it is easy to start again.

12. Starting the motor, if the compressor cannot be driven, the power should be cut off immediately to check and eliminate the failure.

13. Every 30 h running, the sewage valve should be unscrewed and the oil and water should be discharged. When conditions permit, an oil -water separator should be installed in the output pipeline of the air path to prevent the oil and water discharged from the air compressor to damage the pneumatic component.

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