The car stopped the fire passage was locked, and the owner violently destroyed the lock to start a dispute

The car stopped the fire passage was locked, and the owner violently destroyed the lock to start a dispute

At about 10 o’clock on September 23, the police received a report from Ms. Zhou that after a parking on a fire passage was locked on a fire passage in a community in a community in Shapingba.

The police quickly rushed to the scene to understand the situation. Ms. Zhou told the police that the community was an old community, and the parking spaces were relatively tight. Some owners often parked their cars in the fire passage. There were serious hidden fire safety hazards. I usually notify the owner of the car by the car call. Today, a black car was found to be parked on the fire channel, but there was no car call, so the personnel were arranged to lock the wheels. Strive but did not stop.

The police saw the incident through viewing the monitoring video, and then found the owner through the internal query system to inform them of the timely cooperation of the scene. Mr. Luo rushed to the scene 10 minutes later, admitting that he did what he did, but had questions about whether the property management personnel had the right to lock the vehicle. The police told Mr. Luo that parking vehicles in the fire passage is illegal and must be corrected and dealt with in time. Although the vehicle locks on the property management personnel is illegal, but the brute of damage to the lock is intentionally damaged the public and private property, and must be compensated as the price. Ms. Zhou is suggested that when dealing with similar problems, they can report to the police or call the fire protection, traffic management departments, and other units with relevant law enforcement power to deal with it. Do not deal with unnecessary disputes. The two parties agreed to the police’s suggestion that Mr. Luo said that he would compensate a new lock, and in the future, he would be made to be a good citizen to abide by the law.

The police reminded that the fire passage is a life channel, and the fire channel cannot be stopped at will.

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