Oxford Textiles of men’s shirt culture (full of dry goods, worth collecting)

Winter days

I want to undress in the office

How to have temperature and gracefulness

Oxford spinning shirt,

A versatile item of a big killing Quartet,

Look at the fashion forces of Oxford Textile shirts:

Oxford Textile is known as the golden oil in the shirt,

Not a denim like a denim,

Perfect swimming on leisure and formal occasions,


In recent years,


With the popularity of Oxford Textiles in the fashion circle,

The title of “Royal”, “Classic”, “Business”, etc.

Even the star’s wardrobe cannot be without Oxford.

Good quality Oxford spinning fabric,

Usually, high -grade long velvet cotton,

It’s just its weaving process,


The surface will look thicker,

It is precisely this rough texture,


Only to make Oxford shirt so interesting.


If you are a bit fat,

Its hard texture can support your body shape,

If you are thinner,

This rough sense will improve your men’s temperament,

Make you tough.

You said that Oxford Textiles is so embarrassed,

Why didn’t I hear it before?

…… (⊙o⊙) …


Is there always an impression of this uncle who played the ball?

This is one of the few in the United States,

Design masters who can be on the same fashion industry in Europe,

Mr. Ralph Lauren,


And he created named after the name-

And high -end brands recognized by the mainstream of Europe

——Rallph lauren ——————

One of the clothing brands that best represent American culture,

Of course, there are familiar in China–


——POLO by Ralph Laren ——————

to some extent,

Ralph Lauren interprets American lifestyle,

Recommended the way of life in the United States,

Can’t turn around Oxford Textile shirts,

After the perfect interpretation of Mr. RALPH LAUREN,

As a result, a group of brands follow.

As the designer himself said:

“The purpose of my design is to realize the dream in people’s hearts

——In the best reality you can imagine. “

Ran Goose ~

Why is it called Oxford Textile?


Is it made by beef and tendon?

Can you bake it when you are hungry?


Nor also.

If you see Burberry trench coat and classic grid,

There will be a strong British style in your mind,

Speaking of British style,

Think of the college’s full Oxford spinning shirt.


Related to the city of Oxford,

There is also a relationship with Oxford University,

Origin can be traced back to “Oxford Movement”

In the mid -19th century,

Some clergy staff who taught at Oxford University,

The Catholic Revival Movement of the National Church was initiated,


Also known as- “Book Movement”.

After half a century of the successive succession,

Student fans who followed,


Can’t see the glittering and luxurious clothes at the time,

So do it yourself,

Recetishment and production with combed cotton,

There is the prototype of Oxford spinning shirt.

With the success of “Oxford Movement”,

Oxford spinning shirts are gradually accepted by the public.


Oxford University is used to do school uniforms,

Over time,

Oxford Textile shirts have become representatives of college style,

It is also gradually accepted by the global fashion circle.


someone said:

“How long is the history of Oxford University?

How long is the history of Oxford spinning shirts, “

In fact, just borrow the name,

Oxford Textiles -refers not to material,

Instead, the thin combed high -portal yarn is used as a double meridian,

It is intertwined with the thicker weir yarn.

So the surface looks rough.


Soft color

Good breathability

comfortable to wear

Easy to wash


In order to welcome the people’s obsession with pure cotton,

“A little clothes” spare no effort to optimize Oxford textile,

Fusion of various styles of Europe, the United States, Korean streams, and Japanese,

Solved the problem of easily wrinkle and shrinking,

Hope to make it a standing item for men’s wardrobe.

What is water washing?

Washing is a pre -shrinking process of fabric,

The shrinkage rate of cotton fabric is greatly reduced.

Want to be casual again?

Sand washing!

This process makes Oxford Textiles soft and soft,

There is also a fading effect,

Add a little bit of artistic mechanism.

Jeans or chino pants are good friends of Oxford shirt,

Especially the feet design of pants,

Make the leg lines look longer,

With Oxford shirt with upper body,

Let yourself look stronger.

If you match the dark work boots,

Or the carved Oxford shoes,

It’s not good.

For thin boys,

Set a solid sweater,

It will look more strong.



Oxford shirt is relatively thick,

So it is best to match the sweate

This can make a very thin boy strong and tough.

In this season alternation,

That is, you can wear a jacket to wear a lining T -shirt,

You can also keep warm and comfortable inward,

The style of literary and artistic Fan was in front of him.


A little bit

I have prepared two Oxford spinning products for you,

A Mao Mao keeping heating Oxford Textile,

A silk protein Oxford spinning,

Multiple colors to choose with you,


A little bit







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