How to choose a variety of table tennis rackets? FL, CS, ST, An meaning in Chinese

What is the difference between FL? How to distinguish between direct shots?

There are many different types of table tennis shots. Many people do not know how to distinguish it. What is the difference? Today, I will introduce you to FL, ST, An, CS, and Chinese fine handle in detail. What kind of people are suitable for use? Today, Guo Yunpeng, the founder of Ping, to make a detailed introduction to everyone.

Many beginners are unclear about the horizontal and direct shots of table tennis bottom boards. I often hear others say vertical shooting and short handle. Although this is called not affecting the ball, as a senior ball friend, we still have to understand the table tennis. The common sense of equipment, in the future, talks with the ball friends, and come up with a few professional vocabulary and English, which can definitely instantly let the golfers be worshiped to you!

First of all, let’s look at the following form:


After reading the form, we can see some handles. Maybe many golfers have never heard of it. Now 95%of the bottom plates on the market are FL Heng and CS, and even many foreign brands have given up CS directly, only only Production FL Heng and ST Heng. It is not that the handle is unpopular, but that there are too few people who know them. Many people do n’t buy them if they do n’t understand. In fact, some handles are actually more suitable for amateur golfers.

1. The leg handle (FL horizontal) master

Almost 99%of the Chinese market is FL horizontal. This handle is thin and thicker in the middle of the handle, and the tail is slightly thicker.

The advantage of this design is that when the hand is held, the grip is more concentrated in the waist, and the holding will be more stable.

Most of the grip is mainly the deep grip of the horizontal auction. Generally, the handling will be divided into hand -up and backhand interest. With deep grip, the noodles are more stable.

However, when the front and backhand transition, the grip is too deep, it will affect the conversion, and a certain amount of inverted conversion needs to be performed.


But if it is a shallow grip method, the impact of this transformation of the inverted board will be slightly smaller.

This is why the market penetration rate of FL horizontal auctions is high. Whether it is amateur enthusiasts or professional athletes, all kinds of play can be controlled without obvious rejection.

2. Large -handle (large FL horizontal) Legend

As the name suggests, it is a bit thicker than FL. To be honest, you can see the difference only at the same time. Don’t look at this point, the feeling of holding will change a lot.


Big FL is mainly used for people with larger palms, especially some European athletes. Hands are one larger than ordinary Asians. They use ordinary FLs to find them not fulfilled, so there will be a large FL handle.

There are very few uses of this handle in China. At present, only Steca’s relatively hot bottom plate has this handle.

Third, long straight handle (ST horizontal) CLASSIC


Many people confuse the ST sidewalk and direct shot, because its handle is also straight, but the straightness of ST horizontal is as straight as it goes up and down. CS direct shooting still has a certain slope.

There are more people who use ST sidding in Europe. The hand holding will be very fulfilling. The front and backhand transitions are relatively smooth, because it is straight up and down, you will be more relaxed. It was naturally converted to the board.

Therefore, a lot of scoring balls will choose the ST handle, because often the front and back are pouring. For example, when the backhand is served, use the anti -glue side to serve, and then rotate the racket and turn the other side of the gel to the backhand. Use raw glue to cut the ball backhand. The ST handle rotates the racket like this, changing the rubber, making the surface of the front and backhand not fixed and more confusing.

In particular, there are some amateur golfers who play granular gel with a cross -shooting method. They are backhand and long glue. During the game, the long glue is enough to make people eliminate the rotation. Instead of turning the glue, those who can almost make a lot of votes.

If you want to consider choosing ST horizontal and worrying that the waist can’t hold it, then it doesn’t matter. You can buy some fine sandpaper to polish more. Different, many adjustments can finally be polished to feel satisfied.

Fourth, gourd handle (an horizontal) WINNER

The AN handle can be said to be extinct, and it is basically invisible on the market, but the wetfather wants to say that the AN handle is the most suitable horizontal shot of the human body mechanics.

An handle is like the shape of a gourd, the curvature of the S -shaped, and the fitting of the palm and the AN handle is the highest when holding the shot. It is very smooth whether it is holding or the front and backhand. Kong Linghui and Liu Guozheng used to fight an An handle.

Since it is so good, why is it extinct? No manufacturer is willing to produce? Mainly because everyone’s palm shape is different, which causes everyone to match this Sitarian degree. The same An handle, A ball friend feels very comfortable and sighs for a lifetime. And B friends will feel the top, holding uncomfortable, and response.


As a product facing the market, if you can use less than 95%of people, there is no way to mass production to the market. This is the reason for the decline of an AN handle.

But if you are really a senior fan, you can actually solve the problem of the top hand by using fine sandpaper to solve the problem, because the top of the top is the top of the handle. It’s right. Therefore, Ping will consider the horizontal auction of a small number of AN handles in the future to try to the majority of players.

5. Straight handle (CS direct shot) Penholder

At present, 99%of the direct shots on the market are CS, and the full English name CHINESE Short (referred to as CS), which is translated as a Chinese straight shot or a Chinese short handle.

Direct shooting originated in China. In the 1950s, Xu Shaofa, Xu Yinsheng, Zhuang Zetong, Guo Yuehua, etc. were all direct shooting. At that time, the world table tennis scene looked down on China. Single, until China became a table tennis hegemon, they mean the advancedness and flexibility of direct shooting.

With the development of table tennis technology, direct shots of direct -shot horizontal hitting technology that is the same as cross -shot is also made up for the lack of backhand.

Maybe due to the habit of eating chopsticks, more than 60%of my amateur enthusiasts in China are mainly based on direct shooting and grip, so there is a large market share in direct shots in China. Therefore, many brands only produce horizontal auctions abroad, but they will make direct shots in the Chinese market.

Directly relying on the fingers to hold and support the noodles, so the support of the fingers is high. Now many young people are not used to a straight shot. On the one hand, they will not take chopsticks, and on the other hand, they are uncomfortable. In fact, if the position of the shoulder and the handle is a little more curvature, it can solve the problem of the hand and the oppression of the big fish.

In the future, professional athletes will be less and less. Now the advantages of small balls in the stage and increasingly not obvious. In addition The COSCO Corporation is not as stable and powerful as the horizontal auction.

However, the share of the amateur market in China will not change much in a short period of time. After all, direct shooting is our traditional Chinese play, which cannot be lost in any case.

6. Chinese fine handle (straight shot) Penace/Chinese thick handle (thick straight shot)


As the name suggests, it is slightly thinner than the CS handle, which is more suitable for children and women who enlightenment. Their hands are smaller, and they will be easier to hold the thin handle.

At the same time, there will be a small number of coarse handle, which is slightly thicker than the CS handle, which is also made for people with big hands.

A little handle will be more suitable for traditional left and right attacks. When pushing, your fingers can be stronger.

For the enlightenment children, the wet father is still recommended to use a thin handle. It is the same in the horizontal or direct shooting. It reduces the burden on the child’s holding, and then change the normal handle when he is older.

The above is the introduction of various shots of table tennis bottom plates. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. More common sense in table tennis equipment, I will make a series of teaching videos to present it to everyone.

Ping Wet Father, Hu Qingyuan

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