The 7-year-old girl is sitting in the sea, the “unicorn” is treated to the deep water area.

“Save my daughter!” 7-year-old girl taking a inflatable toy play in the sea, my mother relieves her hand, and the inflatable toy takes together with the child to be treated to the sea of ​​six or hundred or hundreds of shore. After the incident, many enthusiastic people tried to help the unnatural, one of the boy who played the simple kayak did not catch the girl, because the wind waves were more powerless back … Fortunately, the red sea rescue team Xia Jiahe emergency workstation timely shot, will girl And good guys save. Since the summer, many children have played a risk of inflatable toys, and the insiders said that the inflatable toys are not strict in strict sense of life, there is certain safety, and the citizens should choose carefully.

Inflatable toys drift with a 7-year-old girl

On August 22, Ms. Zhang took a child to the Xiajiahe Bathroom. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Zhang accompanied the 7-year-old daughter in the sea. At that time, her daughter sat in an inflatable unicorn that took more than 100 yuan in the Internet. She took the tail of the unicorn, at this time, the sea is close to full Tide, Ms. Zhang feels a bit deep, so I want to go to the shore. “I slammed my hand, I wanted to push the ship back. I didn’t expect the unicorn directly drifted. I have chased a few steps forward, but fundamentally I can’t do it. At this time, the water has no neck, I won’t swim, I don’t dare to chase again. “

Ms. Zhang said that her daughter drifted into the depths of the sea, and many swimming enthusiasts tried to save the girl, including a young guy who played a simple kayak, but because the inflatable unicorn is very fast. These good people can’t catch up with it.

The daughter is in dancing, and Ms. Zhang hurriedly across the shore. He went to the middle-red sea rescue team Xia Jiahe Emergency Workstation. Lifebuo, life jacket, drag and drop hook and other rescue tools, driving rescue boats in the sea for search and rescue.


Girl, good guys are safe to save

At that time, the rescuers couldn’t see the dangers in the near-shore area. They can only be searched and rescued according to their children, combined with the wind, and the trend entered the deep water area for search, after some search, rescuers finally arrived at about six hundred meters from the shore. The child has found the dangerous child. “At that time, the child was scared enough. It was already crying. Fortunately, she did not move, and the inflatable toys were easily tilted to lead the child to fall water.” Jin Jian Dong said, they first The hook controls the inflatable toys, and then seizes the child to prepare for her to put on the life jacket. At this time, a big wave hit it, and the child is going to fall water. When the eye, Jin Jian Dong hugs the child, saving her to save the ship.

When the rescue personnel rescued the sea, Ms. Zhang fell to the shore, “Special worry, I am afraid that the child fell from the boat.” Ms. Zhang said, seeing the child is safe to save, husband and wife is excited enough, repeatedly rescue People express thanks.

It is worth mentioning that the kindergress of the simple kayak, trying to chase the unicorn to save the child, the result is that the unicorn is faster, the guy did not catch up, but because the wind waves are relatively large, weak Back to the shore.

After the rescuers sent the girl on the shore, Ms. Zhang did not pay attention to the boy trapped in the sea, so I asked the rescuers to rescue. At this point, the guy was about 300 meters away from the shore. He told the rescuers that he chased the girl’s inflatable toy, because the wind is large, and you can’t take it with your best. Subsequently, the rescuers saved the guys back.

The reporter learned that, in order to express the feelings of emotions, Ms. Zhang also specially cooked a banner to send a golden sea rescue team Xia Jiahe’s emergency workstation.

Children playing inflatable toys

Jin Jian Dong introduced that each year, Xia Jiahe subjuna in the Bohai Sea is basically the south wind weather. It is a wind to blow to the sea. Tourists can use the inflatable toys, the water waves are big, unconsciously Drift, and this inflatable toy does not have a power facility, plus the body size, and the tourists have difficult to return, and there is a little inadvertently inadvertently dropped the danger of drowning.

A few days ago, the reporter found in a marine bathrobe in the city, found that the sea is full of colorful, various styles of water inflatable toys, many children even sitting on the sea. Playing. Because the wind waves or collides, from time to time, there is a buckle of inflatable toys. The above people fall into the water, because in the shallow water area, plus parental care is in time, there is no accident.

The reporter noticed that these water inflatable toys are mixed with multiple plastic materials, some very thin, product quality is also mixed. The reporter found in a well-known shopping platform found that this water inflatable toy sells from tens of or hundreds of dollars.

Inflatable toy safety hazard

Jin Jian Dong said that this water inflatable toy is not strictly in strict life-saving equipment, and there is a certain safety hazard, and the public should be cautious. Jin Jiandong said that inflatable toys are more suitable for increasing entertainment and auxiliary life-saving use in shallow water area of ​​the swimming pool. The waters of the waters of open waters is complicated, and it is not suitable for the inflatable swim ring.

According to reports, most of the inflatable toys are plastic materials, easy to break, especially the semers often have a reef, shell and other sharp items, which is easy to score the inflatable toys, resulting in a drowning accident. In addition, the water temperature in the sea is high, and the inflation aggregation toy is prone to heat-deflation, and there is a leak hidden danger. When the inflatable toys are surpass, it is easy to be overturned. Inflatable toys have a large shape, there is no power facility, and the wind tide is easy to bring it to the deep water area, and the people on the ship are helpless.

Jin Jian Dong reminded the public to buy the water inflatable toys must buy the qualified products produced by the regular manufacturers, while not using the open waters, when children ride, parents must do the care work, so as not to have side floating water, drifting to deep water district, etc. Accident.

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