After the epidemic, the rapid growth of hand -tohed solution is upgraded by category?

After the epidemic, the rapid growth of hand -tohed solution is upgraded by category?

Different positioning solution has different development directions.


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| August

In the daily chemical industry, hand -toiletting solution has always been a mediocre and even humble category. Before the new crown epidemic occurred, many consumers may not pay much attention to hand washing solution.

However, after the epidemic, especially the shortage of materials in the Spring Festival in 2020, the hand washing fluid suddenly ushered in a wave of market opportunities like other elimination products. At that time, there were still many cosmetics companies temporarily increased the production lines of hand -toilets and scrubbing. In order to meet the market demand of “in short supply”.

According to the data released by the “Development and Investment Forecast Report (2022-2029)” released by the Guanyan Report Network (2022-2029), it shows that, “

In 2019, the sales of hand cleansing on the Ali platform were 540 million yuan, while the rapid surge in 2020 exceeded 2 billion yuan, an increase of 272%year -on -year.

This growth rate is obviously closely related to the epidemic, and the awareness of consumer opponents’ cleaning has increased, which directly promotes the rapid growth of the toiletting liquid market.

To this day, the new crown epidemic is still affecting our lives. Wearing masks and paying attention to hand cleaning has become our daily habits. With the change of this lifestyle, from the perspective of product development, the scene of the emergence of hand washing fluid is further expanding, and the frequency of use is also higher than before.

So, what is the basic situation of this category now? What are the main brands occupying the main market share? What are the segments of the product? What directions can product upgrade and improve the customer list?

Below, let’s take a look together.

Look at the category segmentation of hand -toiler from the Tmall Hot List

In Tmall’s nearly seven days of hot sales, the first thing we can see is that

The “fault” sales of the head washing fluid brand lead.

As of July 11, TOP1, TOP2, and TOP3 in the list are all Dettol Dilu brand products. TOP1 is the Dettol Detol Hand -toothed toiletting solution of the two weeks of the list. At the same time, this product is still the top three TOP2 for two consecutive weeks. In addition, the well -known veteran domestic brand Lan Moon and the daily chemical brands of the head are the top five.

Second, in the list,

Products such as hand washing solution, fragrance hand sanitizer, medical and curetic solution and other categories of children’s groups have also received widespread attention.

Based on the TOP20 products of Tmall handwashing the hot list in the past seven days, the reporter screened the keywords of hot products to the keywords of hot products. You can see these keywords:

At the same time, if these products are subdivided into different categories, the following 4 categories can be summarized.

1) Disinfection of bacteriostatic

In fact, consumers’ just need to wash, disinfection, and bacteriostatic, which has also become the product positioning that most of the head washing of hand washing solution, such as Dilu, Shujiajia, and Wuluz. Due to the low unit price of hand washing itself, set sales are the most common online marketing strategies.

According to the list of the list,

The product proportion of Dettol’s drip on the list is very high, and the top three are directly monopolized.

The official price of TOP1 bacteriostatic handwashing is 34.9 yuan/900g, and TOP2 is a set combination, priced at 47.8 yuan/L. According to the official introduction of the brand, 0.27%-0.33%of the salicylic acid ingredients were added to the product. It is reported that the monthly sales of its official flagship store have reached 5W+.

The Dettol Delow Washing Hand Wash is the top3 of the list. According to a brand, the product contains 55%-65%of alcohol. The product is the texture of the gel, and the smear can be disinfected and sterilized without watering without water.

The picture comes from the official flagship store of Dettol

At present, the monthly sales of this product are 1W+. It is reported that in 1932, Dettol was born in a British hospital. It was invented by bacterialists to save women who were tortured by “puerperium fever”, and then developed and produced hand -toiletting solution on the basis of disinfectant.

Similarly, on the list top4

Blue moon


Safeguard Shuka

There are relatively long brand history. The price of this bacteriostatic handwashing on the list is 69.9 yuan/3L, and the monthly sales are 1W+. According to reports, the product ingredients contain natural Culazo aloe extraction ingredients.

Safeguard Shujiajia is a brand of international giants Procter & Gamble. The monthly sales of the official flagship store of bacteriostatic handwashing are 1W+, which contains 6 kinds of incense types.

Although top11


Children’s hand -to -hand scrubbing fell out of the top ten on the list, but Walch Walch is also a brand with high frequency in hand -toilet products. The brand’s product is priced at 14.9 yuan/775ml. At present, the monthly sales of the official flagship store also have 1W+.

The picture comes from the official flagship store of the blue moon/Walch

2) Fragrance

After the most basic cleaning of bacteriostasis is met, the fragrance hand sanitizer has also begun to be welcomed by consumers. There are many sub -category products in the list. Top7

Lux Luxi

The brand’s gardenia pure fragrant hand washing solution is different from the products mentioned earlier. The fragrance is the focus of its main.

According to reports, the product contains glycerin and imported plant essential oils without adding alcohol. The main theme of the product fragrance is lemon citrus fragrance, as well as the front and back of the perfume. , Phenomenon and fat powder. This product currently sells for 1W+, and the non -official price is 11.2 yuan/400g.

And top13

Laundry house

The orange blossom foam hand -sanitizer is also the main fragrance, emphasizing the sense of hand washing, the official price of the product is 49 yuan/225ml, and the current monthly sales are 3000+ pieces.

According to the official introduction of the brand, the product contains Australian tea tree essential oil and orange flower fragrance. The front adjustment is orange, aldehydes, lemon, and orange flowers. The middle tone is roses, gardenia flowers, jasmine, and orange flowers.

The picture comes from the official flagship store of Lux Lux Lux/Laundry House Tmall

3) Children

According to incomplete statistics from reporters, in the TOP20 of the hot search list for nearly seven days, there are 12 products containing “children” keywords. In this regard, children’s hand cleaning care is also becoming a trend.

There is a common characteristic of the products that focus on children’s hand washing solution, which is slightly different from ordinary hand sanitizers in terms of texture.

For example

Vitality 28

The foam toilet is the shape of the cloud, the texture is the texture of the foam, and the product is mainly used by infants and children.

The product ingredients contain glycerin, coconut oil and corn starch, and are mainly plant formulas that are not harmful. It is reported that the current product price is 29.9 yuan/516G, and the monthly sales of the official flagship store are 1W+.


One thought

Children’s flowers are also designed for children. The form of mousse is the shape of the flowers to attract children’s use. The brand introduces that the product ingredients do not contain sulfate, mineral oil, alcohol and other ingredients, and the incense types are peaches and strawberries. The price of the product is 18.8 yuan/300ml, and the monthly sales are 1W+.

The picture comes from Vitality 28/One Nian Tmall’s official flagship store

4) Epidemic prevention and medical care

In addition to the keywords of “children”, due to the repeated occurrence of epidemic, keywords such as “epidemic prevention” and “medical care” also appeared in the details page of many list products. For example, TOP9 and TOP10 products both mention the term “medical care”.



Medical and custody -free washing solution is the type of gel. The three characters of “medical grade” are directly used in the picture to attract consumers’ attention. The price of this sanitary solution is 7.8 yuan/100ml, and the monthly sales are 6000+. The main ingredients are mainly ethanol and orthopropanol. The ethanol content is 55%± 5%(V/V). Surgery hand disinfection.

And TOP10

Lircon Lerkang

Portuguese natural soap liquid also mentioned the word “medical care”, which focuses on naturally extract without any harmful chemical additives, mainly pure plant components. The details of the details of the page mentioned that “about a hundred special workers washed their hands, and the pure plant extraction soap can remove the skin care and moisturize.” It can be seen that medical staff is its main user. The price of this product is 29.9 yuan/1L, with a monthly sales of 8000+ pieces.

The picture comes from the official flagship store of Luhui/Lircon Lierkang Tmall

We can see from the above list of products,

Cleaning and eliminating disinfecting is the main effect of the brand of hand washing solution

With the market’s segmented development,

Fragrance and children’s hand washing solution have also become a major trend.

In addition, according to the reporter’s observation, the types of hand washing solution are also rich. According to the incomplete statistics of the reporter, the handwashing fluid currently has the texture of gel/gel, foam/mousse and other textures.

The picture comes from Taobao app

Different textures seem to affect the price of hand washing solution.

For example, liquid handwashing liquid is the most extensive and cheaper price. The price of bundled sales sets rarely concentrate at tens of yuan.

The foam products need to be based on the refined classification. The price of children’s foam handwashing fluid also ranges from dozens of yuan, but the unit price is almost higher than the liquid handwashing of the general public, such as the Dettol drip dew mousse foam type type The price of hand washing solution was 29.9 yuan/250ml, while the more ordinary bacteriostatic hand -toilette was 23.9 yuan/500g.

The picture comes from the official flagship store of Dettol

With the prevalence of the “new consumption” trend, the daily consumer goods industry is emphasizing product upgrades, providing better products for young consumers. Of course, at the same time, the price is higher than before. So, how can we upgrade in the same impression of the unprecedented hand washing solution category?

Realize the fragrance of fragrance of the unit price

Under normal circumstances, consumers will use cleaning and disinfection as the primary choice for buying hand -to sink, and the price of such products is generally fixed. In addition to factors such as raw materials rising High price.

Therefore, the product upgrade of hand washing solution is a bit similar to the shower gel. Keywords such as fragrance and maintenance have become the main upgrade direction.

At present, the reporters have also seen a lot of “mid -to -high -end products” in this type of toilet, and their prices can usually exceed 100 yuan.

Guanxia To Summer

On June 9th, domestic brand Guanxia TO SUMMER announced the launch of new products: Yinchen Artemisia Carbon Black Scans. According to the brand, its inspiration comes from a weed called “Yin Chen”. The product contains black bamboo charcoal, Yinchen Artemisia extract, and a variety of amino acid tables. For foam.

According to the brand, a variety of amino acid tables live in the metaidation level of the hand -accepted maintenance, including high moisturizing essence such as silk amino acids, glycogenic seaweed, and white fungus extracts.

The picture comes from the official account of Guanxia to Summer WeChat

The design of this product is a translucent frosted bottle. The pump head is an octagonal design to simulate white porcelain texture. After two years of research and development, this hand wash is formed by the “Yinchen Artemisia” hand -made product with Yin Chenwa Milk Fruit Plant Essential Cream.

It is understood that the official price of this hand -toilet is 189 yuan/370ml, and the WeChat store has been exhausted.

handhandhand three -hand fragrance liquid soap

Handhandhand is a fragrance brand of independent designers in China. The design of hand washing solution launched by its brand emphasizes the sense of daily hand washing ritual. It is also a gel texture. The fragrance choices include alder, fir roses, grass, black tea, and western pears.

The picture comes from the Xiaohongshu app

It is reported that the founder of Handhandhand’s three -hand fragrance is three designers. The founding concept is to wake up memory with the taste and change the mood with fragrance. It is understood that the current fragrance liquid soap is priced at 98 yuan/300ml, and the monthly sales are 600+.

Dear Irean’s unique Irene fragrance hand sanitizer

DEAR Irean is also a domestic brand. The product is mainly based on high -definition fragrance. The series of handwashing liquids launched includes three products: California Pomelo, Clear Tea Amber, and Oak Moss.

The product formula contains aloe extracts, powder anti-self, β-glucan and other ingredients. The appearance design of the product uses a metal pump head, a glass bottle body, and a light yellow liquid has a retro refinement.

The picture comes from Dear Irean’s unique Irene Tmall flagship store

At present, the brand of the brand’s official flagship store is 29.8W, the price of the fragrance hand -toilet is 89 yuan/290g, and the monthly sales are 300+.

Byredo Bai Rui Duo’s hand cleaning dew

The Byredo Bo Rui Duo brand is a fragrance brand founded in Sweden. According to the official introduction, its hand series products focus on emotional fragrance, which can allow consumers to experience pleasure in daily hand care.

At present, the official flagship store of the brand has four types of hand -toakers with different fragrances to choose from. The incense hand is cleaned and dew, all of which have the front central and tone, and the product pays great attention to the fragrance experience.

The picture comes from Byredo Bai Rui Duo Tmall flagship store

It is understood that the official price of the product is 480 yuan/450ml, and the monthly sales of Tmall flagship stores are 200+.

Rituals Amsterdam’s Gloves Group

Rituals is a fragrance of the Netherlands. This set is a combination of hand -toiletting and hand cream.

According to the official introduction, the concept of the Amsterdam series is to pay tribute to the historical origins of Eastern culture and Western culture. The product will combine Japanese grapefruit with vitamin C and antioxida and the Dutch tulips. The middle tone is tulip, peony, jasmine, and apple, and later adjusted to sandalwood, patchouli, white musk, black pepper.

The picture comes from Rituals overseas flagship store

This series of products is created exclusively by Rituals and the Dutch National Museum. The product’s outer packaging reflects the blue -colored oriental flowers and birds, presenting the prosperity of the 17th century.

It is understood that the Rituals brand attaches importance to the sense of ritual and stories of the product. At present, the price of the Amsterdam campaign group is 240 yuan/475ml (including 300ml hand -toilet+175ml hand cream), and 21 per month.

AESOP Isso Fu Living Aromathered Hand Clean Loose

AESOP Isso is the Australian brand and has also attracted much attention from domestic consumers. It is reported that this hand cleaning contains orange, rosemary and lavender essential oil. The main ingredients are Chinese citrus skin, rosemary leaves, and Atlantic cedar.

The picture comes from AESOP Isso Overseas Flagship Store

This living aromatic hand cleansing dew, the monthly sales of the brand’s overseas Tmall flagship store are 1,000+ pieces, the official price is 260 yuan/500ml.

The fragrance hand -toilet, its product packaging design and the smell of perfume, usually make consumers feel the exquisite experience and some sense of atmosphere. The reporter searched the “Recommended Hand -toilet Recommendation” entry on the Xiaohong Book platform. The related notes are 22W+, and many of the pages that jump out are related to the bathroom atmosphere, decorative things, and high -level sense.

The picture comes from the Xiaohongshu app

Throughout the full text, we will see that the market situation of hand washing solution is relatively simple and clear.

The brand of the head washing solution focuses on the anti -killing products, which are characterized by large parity and high sales; and hand -toiletting solution characterized by fragrance, the unit price of the product is several times or even 10 times the ordinary hand -toiler. However, there is a big gap with the brand of hand -toiletting solution in terms of sales. In addition, there are positioning hand sanitizers for children, medical care, etc., which also uses a certain group of groups as the main consumers, occupying some market share.

Product upgrade is a hot topic in the industry at the moment, but it has performed differently in different category tracks. The category with its own “cheap and dailyization” attributes such as hand washing solution can be relatively single for consumers, and it is not so easy to upgrade the category and increase the unit price of the customer. However, interested brands can try one or two in the direction of fragrance positioning. At present, there are also some small -scale successful product cases to refer to.

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