How to shoot Taobao clothing shooting, which shooting props should be prepared

Taobao clothing shooting is usually divided into tank shooting and model shooting. And the clothing of clothing is easy to achieve uniform clothing. The store style is beautiful and clean and clean, and it will also have a good visual impression that customers will have more customers. So, what shooting props should we prepare for Taobao clothing shooting?

First of all, it is definitely necessary to prepare the clothing we need to shoot. Whether it is men’s clothing or women’s shooting, or children’s clothing, model shooting needs to iron the shots of clothing.

Secondly, it is to prepare for shooting props. SLR cameras must not be possible. It is best to have a SLR camera with macro-distance functions, followed by the choice of photography lights. Generally, 2-3 photography lights are required when shooting clothing, 300-600 watts. , Then you can match the soft hood for shooting. The reflective board, foam plate, etc. are all needed.

Then, the background and props. The background can choose wooden floor, and the flower floor sets off the principle of the beauty of clothes. In addition to the choice of background, it is also equipped with some small props. Such as small flowers, small jewelry and other decorations.

Costume shooting skills

1. The waist of the clothes should be collected. The men’s clothing should be a little bit.

2. The sleeves are generally grabbed, especially the position of the armpit. The sleeve is kept long, and the sleeves are kept at least 3 cloth folds-armpit shoulders-elbow-wrist. The cloth is a bit bigger.


3. Do not be too flat in the entire version of the clothes, you have to have wrinkles, this is also based on the human structure

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