Can brackets with steel rings trigger breast cancer? This is a rumor, these 5 points are the real causes of the disease

Breast cancer is the largest killer of women’s health. The incidence is relatively high, which seriously affects women’s health and life safety. It is precisely because of the high incidence of breast cancer and high harm, so many women consciously prevent breast cancer. This is a good thing. Many women heard that bra on steel rings can cause breast cancer, so they are unwilling to wear bras in life. This is actually a rumor, and let’s discuss this issue together.

Can brackets with steel rings trigger breast cancer?

The bras with steel rings in life are very common, because this bra has a very good support, and the gathering effect is better than ordinary bras. Many people think that because there are steel rings in the bra, it will hinder the flowing of the lymphatic fluid to the underarm area, and the chest is easy to accumulate toxin. This is a rumor. After research, it has nothing to do with the incidence of bras and any kind of breast cancer. The lymphatic cycle is blocked with the breast problems. There is no causal relationship. It cannot push the occurrence of breast cancer to the rigid bra. This is an irrational idea.


What factors can cause breast cancer?


1. Age factor

The older the age, the higher the chance of breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer in middle -aged and elderly women will be much higher than young women. Therefore, as you get older, you should pay more attention to protecting your chest and maintaining your breasts.

2. Genetic factors

If the family has a direct female relatives suffering from breast cancer, the risk of breast cancer will be higher than that of ordinary people. If the mother has breast cancer, the chance of daughter will double the chance of breast cancer. If the mother, grandmother, or grandmother have breast cancer, the chance will be tripled.

3. Estrogen factors

Women’s diseases and estrogen have a greater impact, because estrogen can stimulate the growth of breast cells. Early starts, women with delayed menopause will have greater risk of breast cancer. After menopause, some women will supplement estrogen to alleviate the symptoms of physical discomfort, but if the estrogen is supplemented, you should not blindly add it yourself, otherwise it will increase the chance of breast cancer.

4. Obesity

Obesity women are higher than the incidence of breast cancer than women with ordinary figures. The more fat on the body, the higher the level of estrogen, which is why obese women are high -risk people with breast cancer. No matter what kind of women can let go of their own obesity, they have to discipline themselves, actively perform physical exercise, and perform appropriate control in their diet. It is a dangerous situation in a state of obese.

5. Spiritual depression

If women have been in a state of depression, or in other negative emotions, it will affect women’s endocrine, and then the chance of breast cancer will be higher than ordinary people. Many women are due to long -term depression that allow themselves to suffer from this disease. Do not ignore negative emotions and bring healthy influence on people.

Women will not have much to do with breast cancer and bras, but when choosing bras, they should still choose comfortable and the size are more suitable. Although inappropriate bras will not cause women Women suffer from other breast diseases and are not good for breast health. I hope that women can understand the relevant knowledge of breast cancer so that they can better prevent themselves.


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