Men’s luxury for themselves, the cost -effective Feiya fully automatic mechanical watch experience

As a symbol of men’s identity, when people buy watches, they often think of Swiss mechanical watches, but they know very little about domestic mechanical watches. For watchmakers who really like to play watches, domestic robot watches Not bad, they still have a lot of characteristics. Today I will talk to you about Fiyta DGA0032.WWR mechanical watches who have recently started using experience.


In today’s society, with the development and popularization of mobile phones, the significance of watches is no longer a simple timing. However, in some public places, it is not difficult to find that many people will wear watches to travel. In addition to watching the time, the biggest function is to decorate ourselves, so we must let the watch show our charm, so the choice of the robot watch is my attitude that I have always adhered to it. I have experienced many so -called intelligent bracelets and intelligent intelligence. After the watch, the Fiyta mechanical watch finally started is my favorite.


In fact, many people do not know that the domestic watch industry has already occupied a very important position in the manufacture of world watchmaking, so when some friends feel that domestic mechanical watches are different, so they joked that this watch is not bad. The only difference is the price, because it is much cheaper than the so -called Swiss watch, the so -called difference is just the difference.

Let’s show off the family portrait of the Fayta full -automatic mechanical watch: Fiyta:

This is a full -automatic mechanical men’s watch of the Fiyta classic series. It is equipped with a fully automatic movement, the case is designed with stainless steel, and a mirror equipped with cowhide strap and sapphire glass. Function, the mirror of the watch is 38 mm, and the water prevention level is 5ATM (50 meters). This is really good for the configuration parameter for the mechanical watch, which can fully meet the applications in many scenarios in our daily life. This is the main reason why I start with it.


For the purchase of the watch, the eyes are very important. The white dial and the calendar match it. So when I chose this watch, I chose this brown strap, because I feel that this brown is matched with my wrist skin, which will make people look glory and extraordinary charm. For those who buy a few more times in the fair skin, the black strap is also very good. After all, the choice of watches should be suitable for matching with themselves.

Because the watch strap is made of cowhide leather, it can be matched with a variety of clothing, and it also has a very comfortable wearing experience. The matching of sapphire glass mirror makes the watch more friction in daily use, so that the watch mirror will not have scratches. While maintaining a beautiful look, we can present a clear visual reading experience for us. The dial makes the watch more clean and tidy.


As the most important mechanical watch is the mechanical movement of the watch, and this watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, wearing the watch on the wrist, you can always provide power for it. Precise and more stable performance.

High cost performance is the biggest advantage of domestic robot watches. In fact, domestic watches are not as bad as everyone thinks. It is inevitable than Switzerland Watch in advanced watchmaking technology. But the basic watch is similar, and it has high cost performance. If you are planning to buy a domestic mechanical watch, the Fiyta mechanical watch is a very good choice. The choice of multiple styles is suitable for you. As a man, you really need to be extravagant on the watch. What about? Men should be distressed by themselves, and the cost -effective Fiyta fully automatic mechanical watch is worth your own.

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