What are the precautions for window glass films? What is the effect of window glass film?

Some people will make the window glass to increase the privacy of the window glass and protect the window glass. If you want to use the window glass film, it is not casual, but to pay attention to the requirements of the film. What are the attention of the window glass film? Some people think that the window glass film is not useful. What is the function of the window glass film?

1. What are the precautions for windows and glass films?

1. When cutting the membrane, the membrane should be slightly larger than the glass.

2. The membrane is divided into two layers, one layer is a colorless transparent protective film, and the first layer is a color film with color.


3. Paste the protective film and scrape the water in the direction of 4 points, so that the film has no bubbles. Bubbles may be produced during the film. Many people handle the way of dealing with them and then post it. In fact, there is no need to do this, because it will get worse and worse, we only need to use a needle to break the bubbles.

4. Whether the scraping blade is flat, smooth, and whether there is a gap, remember to prepare the tool.

5. Check the size and quantity of the film.

6. When the size of the window is measured, it must start with the same side of the window. Met the membrane’s edge to the cutting line for cutting.

7. When the window film, spray a small amount of detergent to remove other residues. Wipe with a dry cloth, the window looks smoother and brighter.

8. Do not tear too much back the gum paper when sticking the glass film. First of all, you can only tear it away. Tear back the gum paper, and then put it on the glass a little bit.

9. Before the glass film is pasted, you must wipe the glass clean. Everyone knows this, but it is good to spray water on the clean glass, so that the glass film will not be stained on the glass at once.

What is the effect of window glass films?

1. Reduce calories, reduce glare, increase comfort

Today’s architecture has more glass compared with the previous glass, open floor design, high -top canopy, and large -scale glass. The membrane is a product that is directly installed on the surface of the window glass. It helps to correct the uneven temperature of the temperature of the light or the back of the back, and scattered the dazzling, uncomfortable glare, making the indoor employees more comfortable and out of it. Efficiency will also be higher.

2. Referring and energy -saving, reducing the heating and cooling costs

In winter, the loss of the windows not only makes the personnel in the building feel uncomfortable, but also the energy consumption costs have also greatly increased. Installing the low -radiation -controlling sunshine control membrane on the inner surface of the ordinary single -layer glass can reduce the heat loss by 30%.

3. Add visual beauty or privacy

The glass film can give the building a brand new and unique appearance. The cost is only part of other refurbishment and renovation costs, and it will not cause inconvenience to migration. Deep dyeing film, semi -reflective or fully reflective membrane, rich colors and patterns and completeness, color and patterns are complete and complete. It provides a wide range of concepts for the design of the architect. From the inside out, the building film is comfortable and pleasant, blocking strong light, and no scenes.

4. Safe explosion -proof

Building glass insulation and explosion -proof membrane can increase the strength of the glass to 400%, which can prevent glass from hurting people. It is a reliable weapon against earthquakes, hurricanes and outdoor explosions. It can also prevent criminals from breaking the window easily into the room. It has become an industry standard, and the increasingly serious energy crisis has caused China to promote glass films. Glass film is an important means to achieve 20%of the “11 and five” energy -saving goals.

What are the precautions of the window glass film? When the window glass film is carefully, it should be careful enough. If it is not careful, it is easy to have small blisters. The effect of the film is not good. What is the effect of window glass film? If you feel that the film has no effect on your own window, you can not go to the film.

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