Popular plaid shirts this summer, dressing and following the grid shirt will make you fashionable for a whole season

This year’s retro wind is back, what wave dot elements, grid elements, and plaid are very favored. This year, the plaid tops are popular in summer, and wearing it will make you fashionable for a whole season!


In the summer, this retro plaid shirt, choose this sleeveless shirt cool and temperament, showing a capable and refreshing arm. With the same color pants, the overall temperament is enhanced.

The plaid shirt that is popular in summer, choose this bubble sleeve short shirt, which is particularly sexy, let you return to the girlhood, the grid and fungus are all elements of age reduction. With black pants, it is too thin, and at the same time create The long visual effects of the upper paragraph are beautiful throughout the summer!

Very personalized plaid shirt, a very popular collar design this year, revealing beautiful shoulders, loose sleeves, and easily helping you cover the meat. Choose a large V -neck in the hot summer, full of small freshness, and denim. Shorts, make you more fashionable!


Let the plaid shirt be the protagonist, and then with a long skirt, it feels like a girl, exuding a sweet and spicy and cute impression. I want to wear a plaid shirt very feminine, but the lattice shirt gives people a strong sense of leisure, so when you have courage to try, you can refer to the above wear.

The red and white plaid shirt is very sweet and lined with skin tone. It is very fresh with a pair of white pants. The shoes also choose the fashionable canvas shoes to add the college atmosphere, but the small mushrooms are recommended to choose a low -top style.


Light -colored plaid shirts with beige shorts are very elegant. Shoes and bags choose black to make the shapes more uniform. It is very simple to match but there are many fashionable charm!

I have seen the fashion wearing these plaids, do you have a heartbeat, take it quickly and show different self.

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