Gothic jewelry, half sacred and half evil, dark and elegant jewelry

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When it comes to Gothic, many people have the impression of darkness, falling, and blood. When it comes to Gothic style, many people think of various earrings of puncture, as well as various skeletons, snake head rings, pendants, and exaggerated circles like hedgehogs. Many people think that Gothic jewelery is a public pet, and use exaggeration and masochism to show their own uniqueness.

In fact, Gothic Gothics, as an art form, contain a lot of things. Gothic originally refers to the Gothic and belongs to the Germanic tribes of Western Europe. Because the Italians have always been unprecedented about the historical hatred of the Gothics that destroy the Roman Empire, they call the artistic style of the Middle Ages as “Gothic”, which means “barbaric”.

During the Renaissance, people also used Gothic to describe medieval buildings, which meant brutal, dark, horrible and mysterious. There is probably such historical factors, and Gothic will never avoid the relationship with violence and blood.


But in fact, to this day, Gothic jewelry can often see its figures in various luxury brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Givenchy. Some people say that the times have changed. In the past, Gothic jewelry may represent blood and aggression, but today it is more about showing a person’s publicity and loneliness.

Some people say that in fact, the people in the Gothic style jewelry are not dark in their hearts. On the contrary, their hearts may be lonely, and even fear of interacting with others, so they will wear skulls and snake heads to disguise themselves to disguise themselves. Essence In fact, they just want to make them look strong and not be bullied casually, just like hedgehogs are wearing a full thorn skin, but once the layer of skin is removed, its heart is extremely weak.

Just like Depp’s scissors, Edward, he is a very Gothic accessory in the play. Many people think he will hurt people when he sees him. Only the female lead really approaches him. Unfortunately, Edward finally failed to fail With the heroine, he could only wield scissors when he missed her.


Cut out the sky snowflakes, and cut his unknown loneliness and loneliness. So some people say that Gothic jewelry may still be scary, but its heart has actually changed quietly, and there is no need to look at it stubbornly with the old vision of the past.

Just like we are familiar with Li Yuchun, we have shot very Gothic fashion blockbusters for the cover of the November issue of “Jiaren”. Her headdress, necklace is obviously gothic style. But we all know that Li Yuchun is not a dark person. On the contrary, she is very positive. From the super girl to today, she does make an example for many people.

Of course, many friends will still spit out the aesthetic point for these fashion blockbusters and Gothic jewelry, which is also the fact. However, it is also used by a friend to explain. Sometimes Gothic jewelry is more expressive in life. Just like Li Yuchun’s unique line, he has not followed the wave. Maybe she was publicized, but she did not attack anyone casually, maybe she was unique, but she did not emit negative energy at will to affect others.

Gothic jewelry is indeed mysterious and dark, but darkness does not mean falling. It can also be simple and elegant as a proud black swan. It is not only a skeleton and snake head, but it also has a lot of strange but unlike beauty collisions. It will also use other colors. Gothic jewelry is not limited to black. It also has green, red, and other jewelry.


It still has a snake -shaped arc and the black spread, but it can also stitch out the outline like angel wings. Therefore, many times, maybe Gothic jewelry will remind me of a word, a tiger with a tiger, and sniffing the rose. Perhaps Gothic jewelry is really not at the aesthetic point of many people, but many people like it. If you really encounter a Gothic jewelry, maybe we can give up prejudice first, and a fine product, maybe we can also find the beautiful and touching little light under it.



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