Changsha people wearing shoes in 70 years: Why did young students wear high -top sneakers again?

In the 1970s, Hunan Rubber Factory workers were making shoes

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The Chinese people talk about clothing, food, and transportation are the basic content of human society, and put their clothes first. The Japanese talk about food and place food and place food first. Maybe the Chinese people take care of face! Chinese people also talk about shoes and socks. It can be seen that Chinese people also attach great importance to shoes and socks.

When I was young, I only worn socks in winter. They were socks, and they had to go to the bottom of socks. There is also a hoop on the socks to avoid the socks fall. The nylon socks appeared until the 1960s, which was a revolutionary division of socks, but at the time, the nylon socks, which were more than one pair of more money, were not conditioned by ordinary people’s homes.

The following mainly recalls the past of Changsha people wearing shoes.


In the 1950s, the Chinese wearing their own cloth shoes


In the 1950s, spring and autumn were generally wearing cloth shoes, and they did more at home. On rainy days, rubber shoes are Luxie, black face, and shoes, tile mouth. There is also a kind of southern shoe, which is also a glue base, which is quite thick. The face is fine canvas, mostly brown. Leather shoes are luxury, men are mostly tongue -type and large -scale.


In 1954, the mother wore new shoes for her daughter


Leather shoes are not available for every family. Some people attend the wedding of relatives and friends. They do not have leather shoes. For face, they often find friends to wear leather shoes. Most of the women’s leather shoes are the style of the flat band, and most of them are flat heels. Only those young and beautiful ladies who are very fashionable and fashionable are dared to wear.

Rural workers are mostly wearing straw shoes when they work. There are not many straw shoes in the city. Most of them are scrapped tires and hand -processed straw shoes -style shoes. Changsha people are called tire straw shoes. At that time, there were wooden pupa in the countryside. There were five nails under the ground. There were five nails on the ground. The face was hard cowhide and suitable for walking on the mud road.

In summer, it is basically a pair of wooden trailers, which is a piece of canvas ribbon that is processed into a foot plate. It is a summer shoes. The women’s style has a better one, with black paint, and golden flowers, and the wood of wooden slippers is quite a lot.

In the 1960s, middle school students were popular in tennis shoes, with blue nets, white nets, and a brown. Everyone called it as sauce net. It is my favorite shoes. The double -money brand is Greater China.

Hunan Province does not produce tennis shoes. Hunan rubber factory production of rubber shoes is a cloth -faced rubber shoes of Yuejin Brand. It also won the title of high -quality product of the State Council. The style is a style worn by the army soldiers. too much.

What shoes do boys like to play basketball? What I like is backpower basketball shoes. The backing shoes are produced in Shanghai. Green flat shoes, canvas face, white and blue, especially white backlinks are quite silk.

In the 1960s, classic advanced card backbone force sports shoes


Female middle school students are mainly flat shoes, with light cores, straight tribute, ordinary is green cloth, and plastic soles have begun to start. In the past, the cloth shoes were all stuck with rice soup layers of rice soup layer by layer, dried under the sun, and then made into the soles. Some of them will make the nails that used to be called a master of the leather artisan on the rubber base, which can walk in a wet place and wear some.

There are rubber slippers since 1963, and everyone is called sponge slippers. There are only two types, one is a human shape, and the other is a cross. Three more money a pair, not everyone can wear it. I remember that in the summer vacation in the summer, I still have more barefoot.

Old leather shoes in the 1960s

In the past, all the factorys worked in the boiler room with working leather shoes and high -gang wool leather shoes, which were also very popular. One and a half years of hair a year. The worker master puts his old wear to work, and you can only wear a guest when you go out.

Electrician also has electrical insulation shoes, and the rubber base is oil -resistant. Ordinary rubber shoes are not oil -resistant. The ground in the factory workshop is full of oil everywhere. Diesel erodes the ground, and the bottom of the rubber shoes will deformed. Generally, it is tilted upwards. It looks very funny.

In 1966, the Cultural Revolution began, and Changsha Plastic Factory produced a women’s plastic sandals. Black, in the front is a figure -shaped composition, a girl in the full city of Changsha, a pair of young women. The men’s style is one of the two, and there is a kind of sandals that are like the sandals of the PLA officers and soldiers. The front is closed, and there are several pores.


In the 1970s, the fittener of Changsha Machine Tool Equipment Maintenance Factory took a picture, both of which were wearing black sandals


There is also a cloth shoes during the Cultural Revolution, which should be from the north, called lazy shoes (lazy Chinese shoes). There are young men and women, and their faces are also divided into corduroy and green cloth, which are all black. Some of them have white edges, most of which are plastic bottom. The lazy shoes of Wangjiang Tower, produced by Wangcheng Jinggang cloth shoe factory, are quite famous.

Lazy shoe


Slowly through the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, the styles of Changsha people have also increased. Female leather shoes have chipped leather shoes, and men are three connections.


In 1972, when he was an educated youth, he wondered the broadcast of Taiwan. It was said that Taiwan was a women’s white plastic sandals. There were 600 styles of white plastic sandals.


Around 1975, Changsha Second Shoe Factory produced a women’s pork skin short boots, semi -heels, and the price was not expensive, but it could not be bought. Every morning, it will be available in the store department of the shoe factory opposite Pozi Street. For his wife’s wishes, he lined up for two mornings and finally bought a pair.

On the streets of China in 1973, pedestrians were wearing liberated shoes. Photography: Bruno Babe


After the reform and opening up, people’s requirements for material life slowly became higher. At the beginning, the shoes that changed a lot were the tourism shoes of the joint venture shoe factory on the southeast coast.

The leather shoes that did not dare to expect in the past have become the daily necessities of the people. Of course, the brand of Shanghai and Guangzhou is the favorite of people. The lady’s favorite Shanghai leather shoes are flower cards, and men are the bull head card. The bull-headed leather shoes are also more than 30 yuan a pair, and the monthly income of the general employees is only 50-60 yuan. Buying a pair is to bite his teeth.

Flower brand shoes

In October 1993, a fashion activity in Shanghai, each person wearing the shoes and style of each person is different.

I remember in 1988, a departmental cadre in the city went to the Guanshaling Shoe Factory in the suburbs of the suburbs to pick up the work. The director Wu Qi gave each cadre to a pair of sports shoes that exported to Saudi Arabia, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, that is, plastic, which is plastic. The soles of the shoe, the face of the synthetic leather. Everyone likes it very much. A cadre was wet because of the shoes and baked on the coal fire. As a result, the soles were burned out. They also tried to help the cadres in the suburbs to help change a pair.


In the 1980s, men wore leather shoes


In the age of wearing leather shoes, because of expensive leather shoes, there are a lot of synthetic leather shoes as alternative to leather shoes. At that time, the synthetic revolution was called the artificial leather. When the shopkeeper wrote the price card, it was often written for the adult leather. I watched it. Feel funny.

After entering the 1980s, young students are widespread.

Receiving shoes in the 1980s

In the 1990s, large brands abroad like Adidas, Nike, etc., entered my country’s market, and young people worn more.

Nowadays, there are many types of shoes. Which one is not the people in spring, summer, autumn and winter, each has their own shoes. There are many double -heeled shoes who love beauty.

However, young students are wearing high -top sneakers. Is this reincarnation?

In the 70 years of New China, there are still many memories of the Chinese people about shoes. I hope everyone can talk about their memories. Welcome to share the message below ~




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