A kind of shoe is popular this winter, called “cotton slippers”, the upper body is winter, and the feet are still in summer.

When it comes to fashion, there is no specific definition, as if it is something that can’t be touched and unable to guess. We never know what the next fashion item is.

Nowadays, the home -style cotton slippers are popular. It is used to wear and match it. It looks like the upper body is in winter and the feet are still summer, but since it can be popular, it is estimated that some people like it. Let’s enjoy the fashion blogger. “Specific dressing demonstration.

1. Match a coat

Choosing a loose style of woolen coat and black plush slippers on your feet are quite practical to wear a routine. This is not only convenient to wear out, but also looks petite and full of protection. The items of plush elements are conducive to bringing a gentle style to the overall shape. At the same time, the adaptation of black plush slippers and black stockings is also very high, showing the slenderness of the ankle.

When most girls are wearing a thick and loose woolen coat, they will choose a tight -fitting style to highlight the slender sense of the ankle. In addition, we can also match a pair of plush slippers. This The way to show ankle not only shows long legs, but also is particularly thin.


In addition to the exposed ankle -type matching method, we can also choose this kind of black wide -leg mopped pants with a slit design with black cotton slippers. The role of the line, at the same time, the pink woolen coat and the leopard bag of the upper body have a great contrast between the pink coats and leopards.


In the combination of black woolen coats and black nine -point straight pants, in order to make the shape look more refreshing and capable, you can match gray socks and black cotton slippers. Too dull, especially casual and gentle.


For this classic black -and -white vertical stripes coat, the lower body can choose this high -waisted denim wide -leg pants to match the capable effect. The feet are a pair of black plush slippers. Sexuality, it shows a steady -hearted combination.

Second, with cotton clothing


When wearing long cotton clothes, we can use a three -level stacker to highlight the layering of the shape. However, this too complicated match is easy to look bloated and procrastinating.

At this time, with a pair of refreshing pairs of black cotton slippers and high ginger high -top stockings, casual and age -reducing, full of personality.

This military green hair collar down jacket, medium -length style design, if it is used to match pants, it will appear that the proportion of the figure is not so obvious. At this time, choosing a high -waisted black fold skirt will not only visually shrink the body shape. The effect is also specially shot with the black plush slippers on the feet.

How to put on a long cotton jacket out of the sense of elegance, you can learn from the matching idea of ​​the younger sister below, choose a loose -style A -shaped surface pleated skirt, with the black high -top socks on your feet and Black and white plush element slippers, especially gentle and fresh. This kind of slippers with plush pads are especially suitable for winter. It is used with loose versions without any sense of disobedience.


Third, match sweater

After adding some white plush embellishment on the camel cortex slippers, it looks more design. At the same time, it is paired with white wide -leg hair mop pants, which instantly achieves the effect of showing the leg length. The tolerance of the figure is very large, and it is a relatively easy -to -control type.


Fourth, match baseball uniform

The tight baseball uniforms of upper Panasonic show the casual and fashionable temperament. It looks personality and vibrant. It is equipped with white high -top socks and black plush slippers on the feet. The effect of echoing is full of harmonious beauty.


Nowadays, there is a winter personality cotton slippers that swept the trend and became the way many girls came out of the street. Do you like this combination?


Original text, the picture comes from the fashion blogger Liu Dada. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.

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