[Jinyun tracking] Guozhen pine pollen followers: What happened to the dealer of “Beijing New Era”?

Whether it is people who have taken Guozhen pine pollen or people who have entered the Guozhen pine pollen MLM organization. They all mentioned the “Beijing New Era” company. Is the “Beijing New Era” and Beijing’s new era health industry group the same company? What does they have to do with MLM organizations? When a reporter from Jinyun came into contact with the “Beijing New Era” dealer, he found that some problems could not even tell them.

The dealer in the new era can’t say the address of the store?

From Lunan to Ye Gang, they have some connection with the new era health group and Guozhen, and they say that the headquarters of the new era health group is in Beijing. Reporter Jinyun found that it was related to the new era health group and Guozhen in the new era. Guozhen pine pollen is one of the products of the group.


According to the official website of the company, China New Age Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. It was originally a state -owned central military industry enterprise. In March 2010, with the approval of the State Council, China Energy Saving Investment Company and the New Era Health Group jointly reorganized into China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection. Group Co., Ltd.. After the reorganization, the New Era Health Group became the second -level subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.


The new era Health Group is a direct sales company approved by the government department.

According to the inquiry, reporters of Jinyun contacted Liu Ting, who claimed to be a dealer who claimed to be a new era. When the reporter introduced the patients with symptoms such as hypertension and allergies. Liu Ting recommends the purchase of Guozhen’s broken wall pine pollen. Breaking wall pine flour has a significant effect on improving immunity and allergies. In addition, she particularly emphasized that the product was produced by military enterprises and central enterprises, and was the only strategic partner for spacemen.

When the reporter said that she wanted to go to the store to consult in person, Liu Ting vomited, she said that she could mail the customer and pay through the Internet. In the case of the reporter who insisted on going to the store, Liu Ting just said that the reporter took the Beijing Metro Line 2 and walked east after he went to Xizhimen. He never said the specific address of the store. She also told reporters that there are many authorized stores in Beijing’s New Era Health Group, all of which are sold in Guozhen pine pollen.

Another Zhang Jun, who claims to be a dealer of health groups in the new era, said that pine pollen has significant effects on the treatment of hypertension and allergies. After taking it for a while, the antihypertensive and allergic drugs can be stopped. She is also vague about the address of the store.

Officially provide online shop decoration or running?

The reporter of Jinyun dialed the customer service hotline of the new era health group, looking for physical stores for the sales of Guozhen pine pollen. The staff provided the address located in Room 1102, No. 1102, Nanjia Building No. 6, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing.

Beijing Tuocheng Building Guozhen Store provided by the official website is closed with decoration brands

When I found this store according to the address, I found that the sign of the door was “suspended in the shop” at the door. The other sign next to it has the Guozhen Health Life Museum, which is the 169th shop authorized by the New Era Health Group. See through the glass door, the facilities inside the house are shown.

There are no traces of decoration provided by Beijing Tuocheng Building State Store on the official website

Wang Yu, who was working on the same floor, remembers that the last business of this Guizhen Health Life Museum was before this year’s Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, there was no one. For more than two months, no decoration workers came in and out, but several batches of customers came to return or defend their rights. Wang Yu listened to the customer who came to defend his rights and said that the shop had run.

The reporter of Jinyun dialed the reserved phone in the store. The customer service said that because the decoration of the store was unable to open for the time being, it recommended to the reporter the 109 Store of Guozhen Life Museum located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Electronic City. The customer service staff did not mention when it can be operated.

Member Card National GM customers have benefited from online

Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Trade Electronic City Index Fainer China Zhen Life Museum’s house number

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Electronic City Guozhen Life Museum 109 stores 109 shops, and there are dozens of Guizhen products in the store. The reporter consulted the staff in the store on the grounds that Guozhen’s broken wall pine pollen recommended by Liu Ting.


The normal business of the Zhenlian Life Museum in the China Science and Technology Electronic City of Beijing

The staff said that the broken wall pine powder was 236 yuan per box, which was effective for improving immunity. However, for patients with allergies, the staff said that they can take a small amount first, and then increase without adverse reactions.

Regarding the network of Guozhen pine pollen on the Internet, the staff said that his store was a direct selling store authorized by the headquarters of the new era of the new era. He has also heard the news of Guozhen pine pollen MLM, but those MLM did not pay the customer after paying the money, and directly accumulated the money. And his shop has real goods.

The staff member also reminded that it is best to buy it from a physical store, and the dealer is not safe to buy or buy online. Regarding the news of the decoration and repair of the 169 store of Zhucheng Building, the staff member speculated that the recent investigation of health care products was relatively strict, and many stores closed the door on the grounds of decoration. And his stores have complete procedures, so they open normally.

During the settlement, the staff recommended to apply for the Guozhen Member Card. He claims that if you take Guizhen health products for a long time, there will be a return on money. Although you can also use other people’s membership cards to buy Guozhen pine pollen, even if “performance” is worse than others, it is better to apply for a card. Customers who do cards can also pull other customers to apply for membership cards. The store will report the performance to the “introducer” to the new era health group headquarters every month. In the internal system of the headquarters, the performance and development of “introduced people” are linked.

The headquarters has indicators for members, but do not make tough requirements, make more money, and make less. Even if you do not pull customers, you will not retreat members. After handling the membership card, the country’s national store store is common, and the card number and member information can be found within the headquarters system. In other words, whether it is agency or the Guozhen membership card, the headquarters is recognized, and a member card can be used for multiple people.

(Jinyun reporter An Lan)

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