White -knee long boot, thick heel pointed design, with short white down jacket

In winter, what color matching will you choose? Most people choose dark clothes, dark clothes, relatively low -key, and thinner, because there are more clothes in winter, and many people don’t want to wear it. It looks fatter, so you will choose dark clothes, but there are some beautiful women who still choose light -colored clothes to match, so that you will feel different, and sometimes you need to try other colors. Different fashion feelings, wearing it is to make yourself more beautiful and make life more exciting.


This beauty chose light -colored matching, a pair of white -knee boots, slimming styles, and the inside zipper design. The height is not very tired, and it is very beautiful. The beautiful body is slim and skinny, and white will show a little fat. There is no such effect in the beauty. The boots are longer than the ordinary high boots. The design style will be warmer in winter, and it is also wearing fleshy leggings.

A pink knitted sweater, as a combination of white and pink, is very beautiful and natural. There are many people like light -colored matching. The down jackets are covered, and the beauty of the beauty is not much, but it is very good to set off her figure. It looks very simple match, but it shows a very fashionable feeling. Short down jackets, furry collar design, looks like it looks like It is very warm, and the knee boots show her figure well, which has both warmth and fashion.

It feels a bit special with a little pink? Fashionable beauties like to match, and they are constantly trying a combination of various colors. Some classic color matching. You can try it. Do n’t choose clothes. If you choose black, you can try the combination between other colors. They are all trying to try so that they will form their own style of matching, just like the color of this beauty, it looks like a little girl, and there is no choice for dark clothing. See.


The beauty chooses a pink hat, is it also good to embellish the effect. In winter, you can choose a hat matching, woolen hat, or knitted hat. It depends on what style you like and echo her knitted sweater. This is also very good -looking. The brim adds a little mysterious feeling, and it looks more unique. A white shoulder bag looks very good -looking, and it also looks like a sense of fashion. Inside the pocket, don’t worry about the cold hands in winter.

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