The 10 items worth buying in the Sam membership store are not expensive and worthwhile to repurchase unlimited

You dare to believe that there is such a supermarket. No members will not let you go in or say, there are fixed annual fees every year? Such a supermarket is said to be Sam ’s Sam’ s member store. Sam can be called one of the largest membership stores in the world. It is not only “fragrant” abroad, but also very popular at home. What about good things? Hurry up and take my strategy ~


1.Member’s Mark butter cake ¥ 49.8 1.02kg (about 30 yuan)

Sam’s old net red, I often buy small cakes that are out of stock. I can’t buy it earlier. It has a soft taste, not very sweet, and has a strong butter taste. It is better than other brands of Wahfu cakes. It is really extinct for breakfast with it. sea salt soda biscuits ¥ 12.8 1.5kg

1.5kg of three pounds of weight, holding it in his hand is very heavy, and a trace of comfort in his heart, feeling that Sam is not so expensive. Just opened the packaging bag, the full yeast flavor strikes, bite, dry, crispy, when chewing, there is a little butter and a light sea salt taste. taste. This biscuits have been repurchased many times, anyway, just love.


3. Profit pure yogurt 1 21.8 400g*2

In its ingredients, there are only raw milk, thermal heating split bacteria, and Bulmi Lactobacillus. There are no food additives and no sugar. Yogurt is healthy. The eyebrows of losing weight can be used for meals. It can’t stand its acid. You can mix some oatmeal and nuts.

4. Frade Sour Shrimp Film ¥ 29.8

One of the explosive products of Uncle Sam’s house, a big bag, feels that you can’t finish eating, but in essence, you are not enough to eat. Its taste is crispy, not oily or greasy, not as salty as good shrimp films. After opening, I grabbed a lot, and kept filling in my mouth.

5. Canned cashews 3 138 (one kilogram)

Nuts are rich in oils, calcium, vitamin B1, B2, etc. Eating nuts is good for our body. His nuts are full and delicious. To be honest, this price is really high, and many supermarkets cannot buy this price.

6. Durian thousands of cakes ¥ 88 630g


This cake is somewhat sweet, and everyone’s evaluation of it is also mixed, but I like it. Please avoid lightning for sisters who do n’t like sweetness. In addition, the ingredients in it are real on the ground, there are many durian meat, and the cakes with unlimited repurchase are not a little bit delicious than the thousand layers of the takeaway point. Everyone is rushing!

7. Egg yolk cake. 46.8 660g (12 capsules)

Must buy! Must buy! Must buy! I have said it three times, and you don’t allow you to know the yyds of its egg yolk crispy.

The Sam’s desserts are all sweet, and this egg yolk crispy is no exception. The egg yolk crisp is soft and glutinous. It is really delicious. If you bite it, you can eat hemp potato, bean paste, and egg yolk in order. I have repurchased it N times, Jimei, I can’t miss it ~


8. Roasted chicken 39.8


The roast chicken is really large, and after heating it in the air frying pot, the taste is still great. However, it is too much, and it has been eaten several meals.


9. Shouxi pot 69.8


There are a lot of ingredients in it, crab willow, doll vegetables, kelp, udon noodles, konjac, beef, especially beef, the weight is very touching.

10. Xiaosi Lienn Drink

Lime juice is sour and sweet, very delicious, especially when eating greasy food, it feels very refreshing. It is also great to use it with gas, you can definitely try it!


Alright, this is here today’s sharing. Which products do you like Sam’s house? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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