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There are also many fruit stuffing in the refrigerator of the Mid -Autumn Festival. They want to destroy them as soon as possible, so this fruit crispy is released. This low -sugar oil is extremely suitable for families with the elderly. It is very convenient to use a large bag of crispy method to shorten the crispy time!

BY Shumei Flower Shadow [Official Certification Master of Doudou Food]


Water and oil skin


440 grams of medium tendon flour


140 grams of corn oil

165 grams of water


40 grams of fine sugar


400 grams of medium tendon flour

200 grams of corn oil

1000 grams of homemade fruit stuffing

Practice step

1. Put the water and oil leather materials into the bread machine barrel, start and face function.

2. Put the pastry materials into the pot.

3. Use hands and groups.


4. After the water and oil skin and after finishing, rub the wet cloth to wake up for about ten minutes.


5. Roll out the water and oil skin slightly, put it in the middle and wrap it.

6, sealing and rolling towards the square.

7. Fold on both sides of the long side.


8. Fold again, like a quilt.

9. After roll it out, repeat the movement of the quilt once.


10. Finally roll into a huge rectangular shape, the thickness should be uniform. The rolling pin at home is too small. Essence

11. Roll up the direction of the long side.


12. When the test skills are tested! Use a scraper to divide the stick into forty copies! Intersection Intersection

13. Roll it out and wrap it in the bearer filling.

14. Close your mouth tightly down.

15. After finishing all, use chopsticks to dip some red pigments in the middle.


16. The Siemens oven preheat 180 degrees, the speed is amazing, just hear Didi twice. The middle layer is about 25 minutes.

17. It’s out! Beautiful!


18. It is also good to wrap it up!


19. Taking advantage of the sun just to open it.



1. Corn oil can be replaced with other vegetable oil. Of course, you can use lard. 2. The water and oil skin must be covered with plastic wrap throughout the process, otherwise it will be easy to get stiff and crispy. 3.40 large recipes can be reduced by themselves. 4. If you make a kernel filling, you can put all kinds of favorite fruit.



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