Introduction of the three major factors that affect glue curing

Introduction of the three major factors that affect glue curing

1. CITS temperature

The curing temperature is one of the important parameters of Lotte adhesive when curing. If the curing temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the glue loss or brittle the rubber layer, which will cause the adhesive to decrease. Difficulty in exercise will cause the crosslinage density of the rubber layer to be too low, and the solidification reaction cannot be completed. Therefore, in the process of curing, the curing temperature must be strictly controlled, and each adhesive has a specific curing temperature.

2. CIT

The stress of curing refers to the application of a certain pressure during the curing process, which is conducive to the adhesive layer and the adhesive glue and ensure the quality. Due to the different types of glue, the pressure applied is different. Generally, it is divided into the following three cases: the contact pressure is the pressure of contact: the contact pressure is the pressure of the contact pressure. Cle by the pressure caused by the weight of the adhesive itself, there is no need to apply other pressure, such as epoxy resin glue, A -cyanocylite glue, the second -generation acrylic gum, unsaturated polyester glue, polyurethane glue, etc. Essence

0.1 ~ 0.3MPa pressure is suitable for solvent -based adhesives, such as phenolic aldosum contraction glue, phenolic one -butyl gum, epoxy one -diced gum, epoxy one nylon glue, and polyanide glue. 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa pressure is suitable for various adhesives of membrane, powdery, tubular, and granularity, and hot -melt glue. The purpose of increasing pressure is to improve its moisture.

3. CIT

The curing time refers to the time required for curing to solidify the adhesive process under a certain temperature and pressure conditions.

Different adhesives have different curing time, such as instantaneous solidification. There are A -cyanocylite glue, and hot -melt glue is solidified for several hours. Only a few days to solidify, such as epoxyamide gum.

The curing time is also affected by the curing temperature and pressure. Increasing the curing temperature can shorten the curing time. Under the condition of lowering the temperature, the curing time should be greatly extended.

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